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William D. Allen, 2015-2017 NCFR President; Presider: Anisa Zvonkovic, 2015-2017 NCFR President-elect

3:15 PM
4:15 PM
Grand Ballroom A/B
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Presidential Address:  “And so, what is NCFR again…?” William D. Allen, Ph.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; Owner of Healing Bonds, Minneapolis, MN, Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota and University of St. Thomas, 2015-2017 NCFR President

Presider: Anisa Zvonkovic, 2015-2017 NCFR President-elect


NCFR has recently worked on the intriguing question “What is the future of Family Science?” A clear understanding of the current state of the discipline will continue to be an important topic for the foreseeable future as families in the U.S. and around the world continue to evolve. However, this may also be a useful time to stop and consider, “What is NCFR’s role in the family discipline. Are we the custodians of scholarship and knowledge? Are we the best vehicle for social advocacy for families? If we chose one of these roles, how might it affect our ability to do the other? Indeed, on what other roles should an international organization of family scholars be thinking about and working? Amid socio-political cross-currents pushing members to “choose sides” based on personal and professional differences, it may be difficult to work together on the many areas of common purpose and dedication to families that we share. In his President’s Address, Dr. Bill Allen will attempt to explore these questions with the aim of facilitating a deeper dialogue about our organizational identity.


(1)   Explore some of the potential options for NCFR’s organizational identity. (2) Encourage constructive, collaborative dialogue among members regarding NCFR’s future direction(s).

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