New Directions for Relationship Educational Interventions: Implications of Recent Research and Theory for Future Relationship and Marriage Education Efforts

Concurrent Sessions 5

Adam Galovan, David Schramm, Alan Hawkins; Discussant: Frank Fincham; Co-chairs: David Schramm and Adam Galovan

8:30 AM
9:45 AM
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  • 210-01 - Way of Being and Relationship Education: Ontological Views of ‘The Self’ That Change the Way We Do Family Intervention Work
    By Adam Galovan, David Schramm
  • 210-02 - The Future of Relationship and Marriage Education: Moving From Prescriptions to Virtues, Principles, and Positivity
    By David Schramm, Adam Galovan
  • 210-03 - What Counts as Relationship Education? Conceptually Expanding the Range and Validity of Relationship Education Efforts
    By Alan Hawkins

Discussant: Frank Fincham
Co-chairs: David Schramm and Adam Galovan


Recent research in relationship and marriage education (RME) indicates that traditional formats, content and methods of providing programming (i.e. face-to-face workshops centered on communication/conflict management) may not be as effective as previously believed. This symposium consists of three papers that provide: 1) a new theoretical model of relational connectivity that has implications for RME content, and new outcomes/dependent variables; 2) results from a study utilizing this new model, and a description of content that practitioners could include in RME; and 3) a new conceptual model of RME with a focus on method, delivery, and intensity.


Increase understanding of new theories and perspectives related to relationship and marriage education Increase knowledge of new relationship and marriage education content Increase understanding of varying levels of intensity related to relationship and marriage education

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