Parenting Across Contexts

Concurrent Sessions 11

Erin Hiley Sharp, Lori-Ann Palen, J. Douglas Coatsworth, Marshall Grimm, Travis Dorsch, Aryn M. Dotterer, Anthony James, Jr., Elizabeth Day; Discussant: Kimberly A. Updegraff; Chair: Aryn M. Dotterer

11:00 AM
12:15 PM
Salon 12
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  • 415-01 - Parenting for Identity Exploration: Development of a New Measure
    By Erin Hiley Sharp, Lori-Ann Palen, J. Douglas Coatsworth
  • 415-02 - Using Sport to Enhance Family Relationships: Does it Lead to Parents’ Use of Positive and Supportive Communication?
    By Marshall Grimm, Travis Dorsch
  • 415-03 - Can Parenting Microprotections Buffer Against Adolescents’ Experiences of Racial Discrimination?
    By Aryn M. Dotterer, Anthony James, Jr.
  • 415-04 - Parental Educational Involvement: Exploring What Works for Diverse High School Students
    By Elizabeth Day

Discussant: Kimberly A. Updegraff
Chair: Aryn M. Dotterer


Parenting is a central component in preparing children for adult roles making parents catalysts in their children’s development. This symposium includes an investigation of how parents socialize their children’s identity development and sport participation as well as their use of race socialization, and academic socialization. Guided by the Bioecological Model of Human Development which posits that proximal processes, (i.e. parent-child interactions), and the contexts in which these interactions occur, are important for children’s development the purpose of this symposium is to examine parenting across contexts and includes a discussant who is an established expert in family relationships and youth development.    


(1) understand the interdisciplinary and complimentary perspectives used to investigate parenting across contexts; (2) evaluate the effectiveness of parents as a catalyst for children’s development; (3) and translate research evidence into practical suggestions for practitioners and parents.

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