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Poster Symposia: Community, Families, and Globalization; Risk and Protective Factors for Substance Abuse
6:15 PM
7:45 PM
Grand Ballroom C
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Poster Symposium: Community, Families, and Globalization

  • 161-01 IN - Household and Community Nucleation and Under 5 Child Wellbeing in The Democratic Republic of the Congo
    By Spencer James, Delanie Doyle, Veronica Hana
  • 161-02 IN - Task Shifting to Address Mental Health: A Phenomenological Study
    By Nathan Taylor, Richard Bischoff, Paul Springer, Kara Cruickshank
  • 161-03 IN - The Role of Sense of Community among Multicultural Families in South Korea
    By Cheong-ah Huh, Jiyeon Lee, Grace H. Chung
  • 161-04 IN - Families and Children in Internet and SNS Era: A Significance of International Comparisons
    By Masako Ishii-Kuntz
  • 161-05 IN - The Impact of Parental IT Use on Children’s Socio-Emotional Development
    By Kuniko Kato, Junko Takayama, Miaki Kobayashi
  • 161-06 IN - Fathers’ IT Use and Perception Toward Young Children’s Use of IT Tools
    By Rika Takamaru, Kayo Hashimoto
  • 161-07 IN - Mothers’ IT Use and its Impact on Couples’ Decision-making About Child Care and Household Finances
    By Mari Nakagawa, Mika Omagari
  • 161-08 IN - Mothers’ IT Use in Three-generational Communications and Its Impact on Support From Their Parents
    By Kaoru Okaze, Liu Nan
  • 161-09 IN - Parental Psychological Control and Cyberbullying and Cyber-victimization: Revenge and Avoidance Motivation as Mediators
    By Yi-Ping Hsieh
  • 161-10 IN - Parenting Behavior in Family of Origin Directly and Indirectly Associated With Psychological Violence Among Chinese Dating Couples
    By Yanqun Peng, Jared Anderson, Matthew Johnson, Wenli Liu
  • 161-11 IN - Situational couple violence and negative communication patterns in a community sample in Colombia
    By Karen Ripoll-Nuñez, Ana Jaramillo-Sierra
  • 161-12 IN - A Comparison of Child Prostitution Laws and Rates in Selected Countries
    By Vanessa Fernandez, Suzanna Smith

    Facilitator: Jane Rose Njue

Poster Symposium: Risk and Protective Factors for Substance Abuse

  • 161-13 FH - The Effects of a Family Systems Intervention on Co-Occurring Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors of Children with Substance Using Mothers: A Latent Transition Analysis
    By Jing Zhang, Natasha Slesnick
  • 161-14 FH - Consequences of Adolescent Substance Use Across Generations
    By Olivia Diggs, Tricia Neppl
  • 161-15 FH - Examining the direct and indirect links between loneliness, social withdrawal, and clinical symptoms of alcohol and marijuana abuse
    By Claire A. Wood, Carol A. Johnston, Daniel Perlman
  • 161-16 FH - The Mediating Role of Ethnic Identity Among Community-based Perceptions and Substance Use
    By David T. Lardier Jr.

Facilitator: Jerica M. Berge

Posters: Identity and Cultural Awareness

  • 161-17 EM - Preventing Substance Use Among Urban Youth of Color: Exploring the Nexus Between Ethnic Identity and Psychological Empowerment
    By David T. Lardier Jr.
  • 161-18 EM - Latinos’ Ethnic-racial Socialization, Identity, and Academic Engagement
    By Stefanie Fuentes, Adriana J. Umana-Taylor, Olga Kornienko
  • 161-19 EM - Latino Adolescents’ Academic Socialization, Self-efficacy, and Identity
    By Melissa Delgado, Lorey Wheeler, Raynimol Thomas, Julie Valdivieso
  • 161-20 EM - Mediation effect of ego-resiliency on the relationship between parental attitudes and school adjustment: Comparing multicultural and non-multicultural adolescents in Korea
    By Bo Lim Suh, Jae Kyeong Jeong, So ri Mok, Min ju Kang
  • 161-21 EM - Creating College-Going Culture Through Middle School Student Led Youth Participatory Action Research: Unity For Change, Believe In Us!
    By Sei Eun Kim, Andrea Romero, Christina Partida
  • 161-22 EM - Examining Biracial Identity Development: Key Concepts and Assumptions
    By Daniel Cooper
  • 161-23 EM - Discovering my Chicana Identity: An Autoethnographic Study
    By Ana Huerta Lopez
  • 161-24 EM - U.S. Political Climate Effect on Minority Graduate Students
    By Kennedy Clark, Isaac Campos-Falcom, Fatima Nikparvar
  • 161-25 EM - Global Family Life Education: How Study Abroad Experiences Influence Cultural Diversity Attitudes of Ethnic Minority College Students
    By Roudi Roy, Nilufer Medora
  • 161-26 EM - Portrayals of China’s “One Child Policy” in Children’s Adoption Storybooks
    By Erin Kostina-Ritchey, Jackie Fitzpatrick

Posters: Well-Being and Discrimination

  • 161-27 EM - The Development of Critical Consciousness and Empowerment with/for Youth of Color: The Role of Resource(ful) Empowerment-based Mentors
    By David T. Lardier Jr., Kathryn G. Herr, Autumn M. Bermea, Brad Forenza, Pauline Garcia-Reid, Robert J. Reid
  • 161-28 EM - Narratives of Individualism in Substance Use Prevention Among Urban Youth of Color
    By David T. Lardier Jr., Tiffany Brown, Autumn Bermea, Pauline Garcia-Reid, Robert J. Reid
  • 161-29 EM - Invisible Sacrifices: The Lived Experiences of Black Fathers in College
    By Anthony Walker, Roudi Nazarinia Roy, Malik Xavier Rogers, Yolanda Mitchell, Megan Darden, Patricia Wyatt
  • 161-30 EM - Interracial and Interethnic Dating among Asian and Asian American College Students
    By April Few-Demo, Ruvi Tsokodayi, Michelle Murray, Allison Hatch, Jessie Butler, Juri Oh
  • 161-31 EM - Hanging She: The Execution of Women in Colonial and Early America
    By Andrea G. Hunter, Domonique Edwards, Tiera Moore
  • 161-32 EM - Health Outcomes of Discrimination & Limited Resources on African Americans
    By Fiorella Carlos Chavez, Joslyn Armstrong, Melinda Gonzales-Backen, Gregory Harris
  • 161-33 EM - Discrimination & Achieving the American Dream in African American Families
    By Joslyn Armstrong, Fiorella Carlos Chavez, Gregory Harris
  • 161-34 EM - Homelessness and Well-being: A Forgotten Populaltion
    By Farrell Webb, JahRael Burrell, Sean Jefferson, Vera White
  • 161-35 EM - Examining Financial Hardship and Life Satisfaction among Latina Mothers
    By Jessica Resor, Yuliana Rodriguez
  • 161-36 EM - Black Women’s Beliefs & Emotions about Marital Prospects to Black Men
    By Shyneice Porter, Norman Epstein, Mia Smith-Bynum
  • 161-37 EM - A Phenomenological Study: African American Clergy Response to Violence against Women
    By Milicia Tedder, Delores Smith
  • 161-38 EM - Investigating the Impact of Relationship Education for Ethnically Diverse Couples
    By Sejal Barden, Dalena Taylor, Ryan Carlson
  • 161-39 EM - Using CBPR in Policy Analysis: Assessing Paid Sick Leave & African Americans
    By Renada Goldberg
  • 161-40 EM - An Exploratory Study of Violent Media Consumption and Aggression in Black College Students
    By Jamie Williams, Tommy Phillips, Laura Stockdale, Hailey Holmgren, Daniel Wong, Donna Peterson
  • 161-40A EM - Risk and Protective Factors Predicting Sexual Risk Behavior Among Black Men
    By Megan Hicks, Steven Kogan, Kandauda (K.A.S.) Wickrama, Assaf Oshri

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Family Policies

  • 161-41 FP - Utilizing Social Determinants of Health to Gain Support for Family Policy
    By Cheryl Geisthardt, Adam Kloha
  • 161-42 FP - The Effects of Attitudes toward Marriage and Expectation for Social Support on Marriage Intention among South Korean Male and Female College Students
    By Juhee Park
  • 161-43 RT - Chicago Periodic EITC, Financial Stress and Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Study
    By Karen Kramer, Flávia Andrade, Andrew Greenlee, Ruby Mendenhall, Dylan Bellisle, Renee Lemons
  • 161-44 FP - Community and Family Influences on Engagement in Georgia’s Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program
    By Junhan Cho, Dayoung Bae, Darcey Terris, Rachael Glisson,  Anita Brown
  • 161-45 RT - Effect of Economic Inequality on Marriage in the U.S.: A Vector Autoregressive Model
    By Joo Young Lee, Youn Mi Lee
  • 161-46 FH - Breaking Down Health Barriers for Women and Girls: Addressing Health Disparities Through Policy
    By Linda Oravecz, Shelly Kowalczyk, Suzanne Randolph, Stephanie Alexander

​​​​​​​Posters: Poverty, Homelessness, and Human Rights

  • 161-47 FH - Living in Poverty: Impacts on N3 -Neurons, Neighborhoods, and Nations
    By Sadguna Anasuri
  • 161-48 RT - Homeless Mothers’ Parenting Stress and Child Behavioral Problems
    By Qiong Wu, Natasha Slesnick, Aaron Murnan
  • 161-49 FH - Forty years of youth and family homelessness research
    By Carli Hankey, Renae Merrill. Amanda Williams, Kayla Bowman, Jaime Baas
  • 161-50 FH - The Path to Exploitation: Identifying Mechanisms of Trafficking & Health Needs of Survivors
    By Virginia Chaidez, Sarah Erwin, Rochelle Dalla, Jessie Peter, Alyssa Mount, Crysta Price, Terry Clark
  • 161-51 RT - White Racial Identity Development and Racial Justice
    By Molly Bailey

​​​​​​​Posters: Diversity

  • 161-52 FT - Cross-national research: Addressing mental health disparities in rural Brazil
    By Paul Springer, Olga Falceto, Richard Bischoff, Patricia Scheren, Nathan Taylor, Diana Cargini, Enrique Barros

Posters: Understanding Gender Roles

  • 161-53 FP - Understanding the Male Perception of Sexual Consent: A Review of the Literature
    By Helyne Frederick, Lisa Moyer
  • 161-54 RT - Gendered Household Roles and their Impact on Relationship Outcomes
    By Ashley Vandenberg, Matthew Lefthand, Charles Ryan Dunn, Mark Adams, Jenny Smithey, Daniel Hubler
  • 161-55 FF - Reddit Rhetoric: Online Disinhibition in Discussion of the Women’s March
    By Rachael Doubledee, Autumn Bermea, Diana Cedeno, Bradley van Eeden Moorefield
  • 161-56 FF - Rape Myth Acceptance Among College Students and Military Personnel
    By Alyssa Campbell, Jason Hans

​​​​​​​Posters: Cohabitation

  • 161-57 RT - How Do Children Affect Current Cohabitors' Expectations of Marriage?
    By Karen Guzzo
  • 161-58 RT - Racial or Ethnic Differences in Cohabitation Duration and Mental Health
    By Sara Mernitz

​​​​​​​Posters: Responsiveness and Its Positive Impact on the Family System

  • 161-59 EE - Balancing Routine and Infant Cues During Night-time Infant Sleep
    By Mark Lopez, Carrie Barber, Wendy Middlemiss
  • 161-60 EE - Parent Involvement in Early Numeracy: A Pilot Study
    By Kristina Higgins, Cheryl Mixon, Jessica Soriano
  • 161-61 EE - Adolescent family cohesion and later marriage and cohabitation
    By Pamela Rollins, Amanda Williams, Pat Sims
  • 161-62 EE - Parental Communication on Sexual Health and Quality of Adult Relationships
    By Jaclyn Powers, Claire Kimberly
  • 161-63 EE - Fatherhood education: Strengthening relationships with children at the grill
    By Cassandra Spaeth, James Bates, Deanna Wilkinson
  • 161-64 EE - Enhancing Child Outcomes Through High-quality Parent Education
    By Emily Mischel, Amy Gunty, Zihui Lu, Adeya Richmond, Lynne Borden
  • 161-65 EE Empowering Parent Engagement and Child Development via Preschool Program
    By Sothy Eng, Brook Sawyer, Whitney Szmodis, Kelly Grace, Anu Sachdev
  • 161-66 EE - Relationship Satisfaction and Need for Change as Predictors of RE Outcomes
  • By Bryan Spuhler, Joshua Novak, Kay Bradford, Brian Higginbotham
  • 161-67 EE - Healthy Babies: Best Early Feeding Practices and Measuring Behavior Change
    By Cuiting Li, Sterling Wall, Jill Hicks
  • 161-68 EE - Family Income, Maternal Education, Receptive Vocabulary, and Word Learning in Preschool Children
    By Jason Scofield, Kim Sanders

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Family Processes

  • 161-69 RSF - Sacrifice & Self-care as Relational Processes: The Connections and Tensions
    By Hilary Dalton, David Dollahite, Loren Marks
  • 161-71 RT - Maternal and Paternal Family Processes: A Cross-Cultural Study
  • By Alexander Vazsonyi, Albert Ksinan, Melissa Scarpate, Emily Fessler
  • 161-72 FH - Impact of Childhood Experiences in Nature on Adults’ Mental Health and Family Relationships
    By Dina Izenstark, Aaron Ebata
  • 161-73 FH - Family Rituals and Mothers’ Mental Health in Rural Low-income Families
    By Juan Bao, Kimberly Greder
  • 161-74 FP - Social Beliefs About Voluntary Financial Support of Adult Children
    By Radion Svynarenko, Jason Hans

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Issues of Aging and Caregiving

  • 161-75 FP - Leisure and the transition to Long-Term Care: Implications for Health
    By James Duncan, Anthony Ferraro
  • 161-76 RSF - Christian Faith and Aging Experiences: A Qualitative Study Among Chinese Immigrant Seniors
    By Xiaolin Xie
  • 161-77 FH - Associations between Economic Pressure and Physical Health in Later Life Marriages
    By Josh Novak, Rhees Johnson, Elizabeth Fauth, Yoon Lee, James Harper
  • 161-78 RT - A Dyadic Approach to the Relational Context of Spousal Caregiving
    By Ryo Hirayama, Madoka Ogawa, Tomoko Wakui
  • 161-79 FH - Massage therapy reduces caregivers’ distress in a rehabilitation hospital
    By Natalie Williams, Judith Burnfield, Paul Springer, Kayla Wolf, Madison Warrick

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Abuse/Neglect, Trauma, and Violence

  • 161-80 FP - A Victim-Centered Approach: Restorative Justice in Cases of Domestic Violence
    By Kelsey Allen
  • 161-81 RT - Moderators Between Abuse History and Abuse Risk in Mothers and Fathers
    By Maria Ernestina Christl, Christina Rodriguez
  • 161-82 FH - Maternal Outcomes Following a Child Death due to Partner Violence
    By Ginger Welch, Barbara Bonner
  • 161-83 RT - Altering Trauma Survivors’ Romantic Relationship Appraisals via E-interventions
    By Lauren Ruhlmann, Jessica Cless, Eric Goodcase, Yanqun Peng, Jared Anderson
  • 161-84 RT - Secondary Traumatic Experiences And Cortisol Reactivity In College Students
    By Jessica Cless, Briana Nelson Goff
  • 161-85 FH - Long-Term Effects of Trauma Exposure on Couples: A 10-Year Follow-Up
    By Natira Staats, Lauren Ruhlmann, Caroline Fuss, Danielle Mondloch, Sarah Neal, Danielle Parson, Briana Nelson Goff
  • 161-86 FH - Health outcomes among divorcing mothers with different histories of IPV
    By Angela Whittaker, Brian Ogolsky, Jennifer Hardesty, Marcela Raffaelli
  • 161-87 FH - Social Norms for Intimate Partner Violence: Testing a Mediation Model
    By Tricia Witte, Mazheruddin Mulla
  • 161-88 FF - Examining the Process of Change in Violence-related Attitudes for YRE Participants
    By Rachel Savasuk, Francesca Adler-Baeder, Megan Haselschwerdt
  • 161-89 FF - Young Adult Dating Violence and Coercive Control: A Comparative Analysis of Men and Women’s Victimization and Perpetration Experiences
    By Nicole Conroy, Janel Leone, Ambika Krishnakumar
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