Skin Tone as a Catalyst: Reframing the Narrative on Romantic Relationships and Family Dynamics of Young Adults of Color

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Sarah Mitchell, Antoinette M. Landor, Alaysia Brown, Steven Berkley, M.A., Ph.D., Antoinette M. Landor; Discussants: Tera Hurt Jordan and Antoinette M. Landor; Organizer/Facilitator: Antoinette M. Landor

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About the Session

  • 311-01 - The Influence of Marital Attitudes and Skin Tone on African American Young Women’s Romantic Relationship Status,
    By Sarah Mitchell, Antoinette M. Landor
  • 311-02 - Skin Tone as a Predictor of Romantic Relationship Quality
    By Alaysia Brown, Antoinette M. Landor
  • 311-03 - Family Dynamics in Color: Examining Racial Socialization Messages Based on Gender and Skin Tone
    By Steven Berkley, M.A., Antoinette M. Landor, Ph.D.
  • 311-04 - Psychological Underpinnings of Skin Tone Dissatisfaction: It’s Impact on Romantic Relationships and Sexual Health
    By Antoinette M. Landor

Discussants: Tera Hurt Jordan, Ph.D., and Antoinette M. Landor, Ph.D.
Organizer/Facilitator: Antoinette M. Landor, Ph.D.



Much attention has been paid to a multitude of factors that influence the romantic relationships and family dynamics of people of color. Little, however, is known about the impact of skin tone on the romantic relationships and family dynamics of African American and Latino young adults. This symposium investigates these issues in hopes of reframing the narrative in research on people of color to focus on the critical influence of skin tone on romantic relationships and family dynamics. Findings demonstrate that skin tone plays a salient role in the lives of young adults of color.


1. To define and describe skin tone and colorism as it relates to people of color. 2. To illustrate how skin tone plays a significance role in the lives of young adults of color. 3. To identify to what extent skin tone impacts romantic relationships and family dynamics of young adults of color.

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