Social Justice Strategies to Address the Elephant in the Classroom or the Family Room: Race and Racism in America, the Conversation Continues

Organized by the Inclusion and Diversity Committee of the NCFR Board of Directors

Antoinette Landor, Kristy Shih, Soyoung Lee, Soo-Bin You, Lyndal Khaw, Mayra Bamaca-Colbert, Edna Alfaro, Diamond Bravo, Chelsea Derlan, Shawn N. Mendez, Manijeh Daneshpour, Iman Dadra, LeAnne Silvey, Miriam Mulsow, Bethany Letiecq, Bahira Sherif Trask, Vanja Lazarevic, Damir Utrzan, Monique Walker-Riley, Ramona Faith Oswald

1:45 PM
3:00 PM
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Special Session

About the Session

  • 328-01 - Racial Discrimination, Colorism, and African American Families' Interactions With Legal Systems (e.g., Police, Prisons)
    By Antoinette Landor, Ph.D., University of Missouri
  • 328-03 - Asian American Families and the Model Minority Myth
  • By Kristy Shih, Ph.D., Central Michigan University
  • 328-04 - Asian American Families and the Model Minority Myth
    By Soyoung Lee, Ph.D., Soo-Bin You, M.A. and  Lyndal Khaw, Ph.D., Montclair State University
  • 328-05 - Latino(a) Families and Immigration
    By Mayra Bamaca-Colbert, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University; Edna Alfaro, Ph.D., Texas State University
  • 328-06 - Latino(a) Families and Immigration
    By Diamond Bravo, Ph.D., Harvard University
  • 328-07 - Latino(a) Families and Immigration
    By Chelsea Derlan, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
  • 328-10 - LGBTQ Latino(a) Families' Experiences of Racism and Sexual Minority Prejudice
  • By Shawn N. Mendez, Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Asheville
  • 328-11 - Muslim Families and Islamophobia
    By Manijeh Daneshpour, Ph.D., Iman Dadra, Ph.D., Alliant University
  • 328-12 - Native American/Indigenous Families and Historical Trauma
    By LeAnne Silvey, Ph.D., Michigan State University
  • 328-14 - White Families and White Privilege
  • By Miriam Mulsow, Ph.D., Texas Tech University
  • 328-15 - White Families and White Privilege
    By Bethany Letiecq, Ph.D., George Mason University
  • 328-16 - Experiences of Trauma, Persecution, and Racism by Refugee Families
    By Bahira Sherif Trask, Ph.D., University of Delaware
  • 328-17 - Experiences of Trauma, Persecution, and Racism by Refugee Families
    By Vanja Lazarevic, Ph.D., San Diego State University
  • 328-18 - Experiences of Trauma, Persecution, and Racism by Refugee Families
    By Damir Utrzan, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
  • 328-19 - Trans-Identified Individuals Experiences of Racism
    By Monique Walker-Riley, Ph.D., Private Practice
  • 328-20 - Teaching About Race in a Class About Gender
    By Ramona Faith Oswald, Ph.D., 2017 Social Justice Award for Contributions to Family Science


Presenters will use roundtables to spark conversation (one topic at each table) with one panelist at each table. Before starting roundtable discussions, each panelist will be given a short amount of time to present an overview of the discussion that will occur at her or his table. After these brief presentations to the whole group, the discussions will began at the tables. Towards the end of the time for the table discussions, the table leaders will provide concrete resources (e.g., websites, readings, pedagogical activities, etc.) to the participants that will facilitate the participants in taking actions to address the topic of the table. The session will conclude with table leaders summarizing the table discussions and reviewing the action items discussed. 


Table leaders in 10 topics will be integrating these ideas associated with (1) racism and international families and (2) family struggles with mixed legal resident status into their larger topic.

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