Transformative Sibling Relationships: Dynamics of Care and Support Toward Resilience and Adaptability in Diverse Contexts

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José-Michael González, Samantha K. Jones, Sarah Killoren, Gabrielle Kline, Edna C. Alfaro, Laura Mauldin, Mamta Saxena, Jenny Padilla, Xioran Sun, Michael E. Woolley; Discussant: Susan Marie McHale; Chair: José-Michael González

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  • 411-01 - Transformative Sibling Dynamics: Processes of Care and Support Toward Sibling Coparenting Relationships (Theoretical)
    By José-Michael González
  • 411-02 - Stress, Sibling Relationships, and College Students’ Depressive Symptoms (Experimental: Mexican American Sample)
    By Samantha K. Jones, Sarah Killoren, Gabrielle Kline, Edna C. Alfaro
  • 411-03 - Mutual Exchange Caregiving Patterns in Siblings of Individuals With Developmental Disabilities (Experimental: Intellectual/Developmental Disability Sample)
    By Laura Mauldin, Mamta Saxena
  • 411-04 - Links Between Siblings' Gendered-typed Characteristics and Sibling Relationship Qualities (Experimental: Longitudinal Caucasian Sample)
    By Jenny Padilla, Xioran Sun
  • 411-05 - Communication Comfort Between Adult Siblings: Relationship Implications and Age and Gender Differences (Experimental: Mixed Sample)
    By Michael E. Woolley 

Discussant: Susan Marie McHale
Chair: José-Michael González


This symposium extends emerging research on sibling relationships drawing from cross-disciplinary collaboration and the strengths-based approach to advance past scholarship that once pathologized and marginalized families of non-nuclear, nontraditional family configurations. Undervalued and overlooked are non-linear and varying family processes of adaptability and change found in intersections of ethnic/racial, immigrant, developmentally disabled, and diverse cultural-contextual sibling experiences throughout the lifespan. These five papers provide insight into specific dynamics of care and support promoting resilience and adaptability, distribution of resources available to diverse families, and cooperative transformations in sibling relationships that increase the opportunities for individual and family health and well-being.


1. To elucidate the understudied processes that lead to transformative sibling roles. 2. To analyze mechanisms that foster coping and support among siblings. 3. To discuss determinants of current sibling relationship functioning across the life course.

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