Transgender Youth and Young Adults in Context

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Jenifer K. McGuire, Jory M. Catalpa, Katherine A. Kuvalanka, Abbie Goldberg, Jessica N. Fish, Jenifer K. McGuire; Discussant: Stephen Russell; Chair: Abbie E. Goldberg

8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Grand Ballroom B
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Feminism & Family Studies
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107-01 - The Family Environment Scale (FES) for Trans Youth and Young Adults
By Jenifer K. McGuire, Jory M. Catalpa

  • 107-02 - Perspectives of Mothers Fighting for Custody of Their Trans Children
    By Katherine A. Kuvalanka
  • 107-03 - Trans Students' Experiences in Higher Education: Sense of Belonging, Activism, and Advocacy
    By Abbie Goldberg
  • 107-04 - Identity, Context, and Health for Genderqueer and Gender Non-binary Adults
    By Jessica N. Fish, Jory M. Catalpa, Jenifer K. McGuire

Discussant: Stephen Russell
Chair: Abbie E. Goldberg


Trans youth and adults are increasingly the focus of media attention and legislation, yet little research has explored their experiences in their communities, schools, and families, including the ways that they both shape and are shaped by their social contexts. The papers in this symposium explore trans youth and adults in diverse contexts, including families, schools, family courts, and higher education. The authors focus on trans people at various stages of development, with varying gender identities. Collectively they shed light on the challenges and resilience that the trans community demonstrates in a society where they face stigma and invisibility.


1. Illustrate the intersection between trans youth and their social context 2. Highlight the diversity among trans youth with respect to gender identity and expression 3. Underscore potential risk and resilience factors that contribute to youth well-being and positive development




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