2018 NCFR Annual Conference Schedule


Thank you to our 2018 Conference Host — the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies — for its generous support of the conference.

Browse the conference schedule below and discover all the great sessions planned for the 2018 NCFR Annual Conference, Nov. 7–10 in San Diego!

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Conference Session
Concurrent Sessions 8

C. Rebecca Oldham, John B. K. Purcell, Miriam Lieway, Elizabeth A. Sharp, Kimberly Gambrell, Celeste Medina, Parker Reyes, Viet Nguyen, Dana A. Weiser, Elizabeth A. Sharp

Discussant/Chair: Elizabeth A. Sharp

8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Session #
Royal Palm 4

The purpose of this symposium is to highlight how feminist family scholars may be part of the Times Up movement.

Conference Session
Poster Symposia: Human Sexuality and Self-Esteem; FLE Methodologies to Teach Future Educators; Technology and Families; Emerging Adult Relationships
12:00 PM
1:15 PM
Session #
Town and Country

88 total posters in this session. Topics include Immigrant Populations, Culture, and Transgenerational Issues; Policies That Impact Families; Relationship Education; LGBTQ+; Gender/Transgender; and more.

Conference Session
Lightning Paper
Concurrent Sessions 9

Megan Carroll, Sharon Powell, Jenifer McGuire, Ellie McCann, Autumn Bermea, Brad van Eeden-Moorefield, Marilyn Preston, Marquitta Dorsey, Graham McCaulley, Marilyn Coleman

Facilitator: Maureen Perry-Jenkins

1:30 PM
2:45 PM
Session #
Royal Palm 4

Lightning papers organized by the Feminism & Family Studies Section. 

Conference Session
Section Meeting

MacKenzie Christesen, Michelle Washburn-Busk, Amber Vennum, J. Kale Monk, Denzel Jones, Jeremy Kanter, Shera Thomas-Jackson, Elizabeth Sharp, Kelly Munly, Janis Henderson, Genevieve Durham-DeCesaro, Madd Engle, Arpita Lal, Tatiana Glebova, Miranda Thornton, Jan Williams, Kristina Dingus Keuhlen, Christi McGeorge, Elizabeth Holman, Laura Landry-Meyer, Hayley Smock

Presider: Abbie Goldberg, Section Chair

5:45 PM
7:15 PM
Session #
Pacific Salon 3

All attendees are welcome to attend the member meetings of NCFR Sections.