Community-Based Sampling Techniques: Leveraging Available Archival Data to Drive Research

Students and New Professionals Workshop

Anthony Ferraro, James Duncan, Hilary Dalton, Shelby Boso


8:15 PM
9:00 PM
Royal Palm 5 and 6
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  • Students and New Professionals

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Anthony Ferraro, James Duncan, Hilary Dalton, Shelby Boso

The presentation will present primary data collection techniques using archival data to identify participants. Often it can be difficult for new professionals and students to access to primary data and the use of secondary data can limit theoretical and sampling options. Data from three different studies will be presented including Long Term Care in Arkansas, Parenting After Divorce, and Co-parenting Across Households. Preliminary results provide detailed comparisons from collected samples to target populations. The presentation will aim to assist students and new professionals to examine the pros and cons of using community-based sampling and provide tools for future use.


1. To provide an overview of community-based sampling techniques2. To discuss the pros and cons of community-based sampling in research3. To provide specific examples of the emergent data using these techniques

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