Community Research Collaboration From State Fairs to Local Expos

Concurrent Sessions 10

Jerica M. Berge, Jeremy Yorgason, Melanie Hill, Ron Hager , Amber J. Seidel, Mirta Casewell , Mary Marshall

Discussant/Moderator: Erin Yelland; Organizer and Chair: Amber J. Seidel

3:00 PM
4:15 PM
Royal Palm 4
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  • Research
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  • Families & Health

About the Session

  • 343-01 - Research on a Stick? Utilizing the State Fair to Carry Out Research
    By Jerica M. Berge
  • 343-02 - “Where Do I Go Next?”: Eager Research Participants at the Huntsman World Senior Games
    By Jeremy Yorgason, Melanie Hill, Ron Hager
  • 343-03 - Engaged Research: Bridging Classroom, Community, and Data: A Diabetes Expo
    By Amber J. Seidel, Mirta Casewell
  • 343-04 - Cultivating an Aging Research Database at Community Events
    By Mary Marshall


Consistent with the theme of this year’s conference, this symposium, comprised of scholars in the fields of human development and family studies, marriage and family therapy, and extension highlights that across different disciplinary, theoretical, and methodological approaches and diverse populations, community-based research is a potentially rich and vibrant way to connect with the community and engage in health-based scholarship. This session is focused on the methods and design portion of the research to examine the intricacies of the work. The projects will explore a variety of techniques to collect health data and various community locations for collaboration.


To demonstrate the process entailed in setting up a research collaboration within the local community.To outline the steps a researcher could take to design a research project at a community event.To evaluate the success of community-based research at four specific community events.

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