Conceptual and Methodological Challenges Across the Life Course

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Jill Naar, Ashley Ermer, Kristin Matera, Amy Rauer, Christine M. Proulx, Leah Burke, Jakob F. Jensen, Brenda L. Volling, Amanda E. Barnett, Ingrid Arnet Connidis

Discussant: Christine Proulx; Chair: Amanda Barnett

8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Royal Palm 4
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  • 215-01 - Measurement of Couple Leisure in Large Datasets
    By Jill Naar
  • 215-02 - Friendships and Social Networks: Measurement Considerations
    By Ashley Ermer, Kristin Matera
  • 215-03 - Measuring Romantic Relationship Quality Across the Lifespan: The Opportunities and Challenges of Data Harmonization
    By Amy Rauer, Christine M. Proulx, Leah Burke, Jakob F. Jensen, Brenda L. Volling
  • 215-04 - Studying the Gendered Experience of Intergenerational Relationships: Limitations and Opportunities
    By Amanda E. Barnett, Ingrid Arnet Connidis


Age is a significant contextual factor for family researchers to explore as countries around the world experience dramatic population aging. One area of concern is how well the lives of older persons and their family members are accurately represented by current applications of various theories and methodologies. The goal of this symposium is to highlight a range of conceptual and methodological challenges that impact the study of family relationships across the life course, particularly in mid and late adulthood.


To evaluate current conceptual and methodological approaches used to understand various aging and family life issues.To assess the conceptual and measurement tools needed to more effectively represent the lives of people of various ages and life stages.To propose future avenues for theory, research, and practice/policy on aging and family life.

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