How to Properly Conduct a Systematic Review: A Journey for Students and New Professionals

Students and New Professionals Workshop

Jasmine Routon


7:15 PM
8:00 PM
Royal Palm 5 and 6
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  • Students and New Professionals

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Jasmine Routon

Many student and new professionals (SNPs) do not receive adequate training on how to conduct a systematic review in their graduate programs. Without adequate training, the literature reviews that SNPs produce are not comprehensive and too reliant on base-knowledge of particular scholars in one field, limiting our access and ability to produce multidisciplinary research.  The presentation will walk SNPs through a recent review conducted on impoverished lesbian and gay parents.  The following steps will be highlighted: formulating a topic, selecting a study design, sampling, data collection, data analysis, and reporting (Littell, Corcoran, & Pillai, 2008).


Students and new professionals will 1) Understand the purpose of a systematic review, 2) Understand the importance of conducting a systematic review, and 3) Gain knowledge and skills in how to conduct a systematic review.

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