Interdisciplinary Multiperspective Outreach Workshop: Root Causes of Family Health

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Corey Huck, Sterlng Wall, Cuiting Li, Nikki Euhardy, Kristie Rauter-Egge, Dallas Stelter, Taylor Christiansen, Brianne Parlier, Kylie Kirkeeng, Mallory Price, Darby Schmidt, Lucas Vincent


4:45 PM
6:00 PM
Royal Palm 5 and 6
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  • Families & Health

About the Session

Workshop participants will identify potential interdisciplinary cross-campus and community partners and develop strategies to build on partner strengths while adressing challenges of complex partnerships. The Wisconsin Wood County Root Causes of Health project is used as a model with students and faculty from Health Promotion and Family Studies disciplines, and Public Health professionals sharing their perspectives. Combining the forces of academic administrators, faculty, undergraduate/graduate students, public health officials, and volunteers a grass roots investigation to identify community perceptions of root causes of health, and needed solutions, was undertaken. During the workshop lessons learned along the way will be shared as well as time provided for participants to explore outreach opportunities in their own communities and solutions to potential challenges.


Workshop participants will experience a multi-disciplinary/perspective model of community outreach. Workshop participants will identify potential collaborations in their own communities. Workshop participants will brainstorm solutions to potential challenges to engaging in interdisciplinary community outreach.


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