Introduction to MAXQDA 2018 Preconference Workshop

Leader: Áine Humble, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Family Studies and Gerontology, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and Consultant, Fada Research Consulting


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Áine Humble

NCFR is pleased to partner with Dr. Áine Humble to offer her popular introductory MAXQDA workshop at the 2018 NCFR Annual Conference. This full-day training — a preconference workshop set for Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018 — is limited to 15 participants. Early registration is recommended, as this workshop has filled up in previous years.

Intended Audience

This preconference workshop is best suited for qualitative researchers who would like to learn about MAXQDA software. It is an introductory workshop. Attendees should know how to do qualitative research as this session is about how to use the program for qualitative analysis. Ideally, attendees should feel comfortable learning new software.

About This Workshop

This full-day workshop will provide you with deep insights into MAXQDA qualitative data analysis software (available for both PC and Mac). At the end of this workshop, you will be ready to start with your own data analysis. You will know the basic elements to perform a sophisticated qualitative analysis for a wide range of methodological approaches such as grounded theory and case study analysis. You will see how easy it can be to organize, evaluate, and interpret their data. The workshop is entirely interactive. You will be provided with an 80-page training manual, consisting of screen shots, instructions, and tips. Electronic files will be sent ahead of time to bring with you to the workshop. Using these files, you will create a new MAXQDA project file.

Find out more about materials needed and workshop activities for attendees below.


Registration has closed

Professionals: $300
Students: $225 (proof of academic enrollment required)

Questions about registration? Contact NCFR at [email protected] or (888) 781-9331.


This workshop runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 6, with an hour lunch break (lunch is not provided) and short breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon.


MAXQDA is one of the three top software programs used for qualitative data analysis, along with NVivo and Atlas.ti. It is very user-friendly and intuitive. Text-based (e.g., word, pdf, rich text), audio, and visual data can be analyzed. The program has theory-building capabilities and it supports mixed methods research. Student discounts on prices are available.

See What Does MAXQDA Do?

MAXQDA 2018 was released in December 2017. Visit the CAQDAS Networking Project (pdf) for a non-partisan and unbiased review of this software.

About the Presenter

Áine Humble is Professor in the Department of Family Studies and Gerontology at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and a long-time member of NCFR. She provides introductory MAXQDA training through her consulting company, Fada Research Consulting. She has been facilitating full-day introductory training workshops since 2009 to academic and government audiences. In 2012, she published a paper titled “Qualitative data analysis software: A call for understanding, detail, intentionality, and thoughtfulness” in the Journal of Family Theory and Review (volume 4(2), 122-137).

Feedback About This Training

NCFR members and conference attendees will greatly benefit from the opportunity to develop hands-on skills with a software program like MAXQDA. People increasingly are using such programs for data analysis, but it can be difficult to obtain in-person, hands-on training. Participants from previous NCFR MAXQDA workshops had great things to say:

Áine was great — very easy to understand, very approachable, very knowledgeable, thanks!

Áine was a great teacher. She paced the information in a way that I could follow. I felt safe to ask questions and she was ready to answer questions for all and get people caught up if they were left behind at any step.

Fabulous! Thank you so much. I particularly appreciated that you did not show bias against quantitative methods and those who practice them. I was much more open to your teaching because of that.

The workshop allowed me to feel more confident in using the software. I’ve tried others and they didn’t seem to be as intuitive. Áine was clear and paced the session well. Now I want to play with it!

I really appreciate how calm and collected you were the whole day. You took time to provide individual guidance without completely halting the flow of the workshop. Great number of breaks, handouts very helpful. Admitting when you don’t know the answers is great.

Very worthwhile use of my time especially as an introductory workshop.

Excellent job. Follow-up session by Áine Humble would allow for advanced training. Her experience as a scholar made this training more useful than others I have attended.

Workshop Materials

You'll need: 

  • your own laptop

and either

  • demo version* of MAXDA 2018 installed on your laptop no sooner than two weeks prior to the date of the workshop (the demo version is good for 30 days), or

  • a purchased copy* of MAXDA 2018 (“Standard,” “Plus,” or “Analytics Pro”) installed on your laptop prior to the date of the workshop.

* MAXQDA now has 3 different versions of its program: “Standard,” “Plus,” or “Analytics Pro.” This workshop will show features that are available in the “Standard” version. If you download the Demo version, you will have met the minimum required software. If purchasing the software, please purchase the “Standard” version (which offers advanced qualitative data analysis functions) or higher. Purchasing the “Plus” or “Analytics Pro” versions, which add in quantitative data analysis functions, will also meet the software requirements of this workshop, but please note—no quantitative functions will be reviewed or demonstrated in this workshop.

Here is information about computer system requirements. MAXQDA is available for PC or Mac OS X.

Download trial version here.

You'll receive a few electronic files ahead of time to bring with you to the workshop. This workshop is entirely interactive (participants should be comfortable with learning new software programs). You'll also be provided with a 70-page training manual containing screen shots, instructions, and tips.

Workshop Activities

During the workshop, you'll learn:

  • how to open the program and overview of the interface

  • how to import different types of files (word, pdf, jpeg, audio, video

  • how to look at a document or audio/video file

  • open/topic coding

  • lexical searches (autocoding)

  • how to retrieve coded segments

  • memo writing (and logbook)

  • how to create links

  • variables table (for descriptive coding)

  • code matrix browser

  • teamwork

  • pre-autoformatting of text documents (good for when a researcher has open-ended questions from surveys

  • user management (e.g., password protection)

  • miscellaneous — overview of additional visual tools, iPhone/iPad app, more advanced functions; general points about using qualitative data analysis programs

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