The #MeToo Movement: Implications for Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Harassment

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Stacey Hust, Kathleen Rodgers, Kathleen Rodgers, Stacey Hust, Joyce Baptist, Kristina Brown, Megan J. Murphy

Codiscussants/Cochairs: Joyce Baptist, Megan Murphy

3:00 PM
4:15 PM
Pacific Salon 2
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  • 344-01 - Grounded in Sexual Stereotypes and Rape Myths: Adolescents and Young Adults Talk About Their Experiences With Sexual Harassment In Person and Online
    By Stacey Hust, Kathleen Rodgers
  • 344-02 - Sexual Scripts and Sexual Consent: Gender Stereotypes, Music-Media Messages, and Sexual Consent Expectancies Among College Women
    By Kathleen Rodgers, Stacey Hust
  • 344-03 - Harassment in Public Spaces: Threats of Street Harassment and Catcalling
    By Joyce Baptist
  • 344-04 - #MeTooPhD: Too Close for Comfort
    By Kristina Brown
  • 344-05 - Naming and Addressing Sexual Harassment in Marriage and Family Therapy Program
    By Megan J. Murphy


The goal of this symposium is to address the underlying issue that has propelled the #MeToo movement -- the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault perpetuated by gender stereotypes. In addition, our role as academics and therapists in relation to combating the perpetuation of sexual harassment and assault will be explored. The proposed symposium will present five papers on sexual harassment and assault. The papers, a combination of empirical studies, literature reviews and lived experiences will address the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault of youth and adults. The papers included in this proposal will illustrate the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault experienced by youth and adults (Stacey Hust and Kathleen Rodgers), in public spaces (Joyce Baptist), and in academia (Kristina Brown and Megan Murphy).


Participants will learn about the different forms of sexual harassment and their link to gender stereotypesParticipants will gain insight into what propelled the #MeToo movement, and how academicians have experienced sexual harassmentParticipants will be invited to examine their role in ending sexual harassment in academia

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