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Poster Symposia: Emotion Regulation in Military Fathers; Cancer and Family Roles; Influences on Underage Drinking; Finances and Romantic Relationships
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About the Session

Poster Symposium: “Dad’s Mad!”: Emotion Regulation Predicts Military Fathers’ Parenting Over Two Years

Facilitator: Abigail Gewirtz
  • 125-01 FH PO SY - A Cascade Model of Mindfulness, Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms, and Inhibitory Control on Parenting Among Post-Deployed Military Fathers
    By Na Zhang, Amy Monn, Jingchen Zhang, David DeGarmo, Abigail Gewirtz
  • 125-02 FH PO SY - Alcohol Use, Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Parenting Self-Efficacy in Post-Deployed Military Fathers
    By Cheuk Hei Cheng, Na Zhang, Kadie Ausherbauer, Abigail Gewirtz
  • 125-03 FH PO SY - Father Coercive Parenting Mediates the Impact of Emotion Regulation on Children’s Emotional Problems
    By Jingchen Zhang, Alyssa Palmer, Na Zhang, Abigail Gewirtz
  • 125-04 FH PO SY - The Long Way Home: A Qualitative Study of Veteran Families in Military-to-Civilian Transition
    By Kelly Schwartz, Deborah Norris, Heidi Cramm, Linna Tam-Seto, Alyson Mahar, Maya Eichler, Kimberley Smith Evans, Dave Blackburn, Andrea Stelnicki, Bailey Wheeler

Poster Symposium: Cancer and Family Roles: Social Support and Systemic Coping

  • 125-05 FH PO SY - Cancer Survivors and Changes in Social Networks Over Time
    By Jennifer Lyn Guida
  • 125-06 FH PO SY - Cancer Caregiver, Spouse, and Parent: The Multifaceted Role of the Support Person
    By Jennifer L. Young
  • 125-07 FH PO SY - Cancer Lessons on Living With Li-Fraumeni Syndrome: Parents as Educators and Advocates
    By Ashley Pantaleao

Poster Symposium: Family, Peers, and Romantic Partners: Influences on Underage Drinking

Facilitator:  Jennifer L. Doty
  • 125-08 FH PO SY - Family Management Practices and Youth Alcohol Use: Variations by Type and Developmental Stage
    By Jonathon J. Beckmeyer, Angela Chow, Alison Green
  • 125-09 FH PO SY - I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself: The Role of Leisure Boredom and Peers in South African Adolescent Alcohol Use
    By Elizabeth H. Weybright, Linda L. Caldwell, Lisa Wegner, Edward A. Smith
  • 125-10 FH PO SY - Person x Environment Interplay Involved in a Recurrent vs. Never Alcohol-Use Disorder in the First Two Years of College
    By Diana R. Samek, Rebecca J. Goodman, Lucy K. Riley

Poster Symposium: Finances and Romantic Relationships

Facilitator: Joyce Serido
  • 125-11 FT PO SY - Does Financial Literacy Matter?: Pathways to Improved Relationships
    By Casey J. Totenhagen, Melissa J. Wilmarth, Joyce Serido, Soyeon Shim
  • 125-12 FT PO SY - Economic Pressure Continuity and Impact of Life Stressors Among Married Couples
    By Clinton G. Gudmunson, Sara K. Ray
  • 125-13 FT PO SY - The Costs of Materialism
    By Chelom E. Leavitt, Jeff Dew, David A. Allsop, Sam Runyan, E. Jeffrey Hill
  • 125-14 FT PO SY - Family and Friends Influence Financial Intentions of Prisoners
    By Katherine (Kate) Mielitz
  • 125-15 FT PO SY - Young Adults’ Life Outcomes: Attachment Styles, Young Adults’ Own Financial Behaviors, and Perceived Financial Socialization From the Romantic Partner
    By Xiaomin Li, Melissa A. Curran, Joyce Serido, Soyeon Shim

Posters: Marriage

  • 125-16 FT PO - Marital Conflict Resolution and Marital Affection in Chinese Marriage: A Person-Centered Approach
    By Xiaomin Li, Nan Zhou, Hongjian Cao, Xiaoyi Fang
  • 125-17 FT PO - Dynamic Affective Synchrony in Marital Dyads: Associations With Satisfaction and Attachment
    By McKenna Bradley, Brandt Gardner
  • 125-19 FH PO - Personal Control, Conflict Management Behavior, and Depressive Symptoms
    By Victoria King, Seonhwa Lee, Kanduada Wickrama
  • 125-20 FH PO - Meta-Analysis of Longevity as a Function of Marital Status
    By Timothy Smith

Posters: Education/Teaching/Family Life Education

  • 125-21 EE PO - Teaching at Branch Campuses: The Faculty Experience
    By Whitney Harper
  • 125-22 IN PO - Training Burundian Educators to Use School Gardens as Curriculum via Zoom
    By Suzanne Smith, Mary Katherine Deen, Lauren Scanga, Kevin Wright
  • 125-24 IN PO - Insights on Family Life Education in Barbados, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago
  • By Helyne Frederick, Cecile Mohammed, Sharon Obasi
  • 125-25 IN PO - “Let Them Fly”: Experiences of Sending Parents in International High School Exchange Programs
    By Isaac Falcon Campos, Karen Myers-Bowman
  • 125-26 IN PO - Integrating Early Education and Care With Family Systems: A Different View
    By Elsa Weber

Posters: Families and Education

  • 125-27 EE PO - A Qualitative Assessment of the Gearing Up for Kindergarten Program and School Readiness
    By Sean Brotherson, Brooke Hanson, Geoffrey Zehnacker
  • 125-28 EE PO - Factors Associated With Students’ Delay in College Enrollment and Degree Completion
    By Ui Jeong Moon, Seung-Hee Son, Jong-Hay Rha, Minjung Kim
  • 125-29 EE PO - Education for Students With Disabilities
    By Heather Hildreth, Claire Kimberly
  • 125-30 EE PO - Transition to Kindergarten Videos and Their Relationship to Family Engagement
    By Bridget Walsh, Hyun-Joo Jeon, Shu Su, Gemma Romo, Meghan Dove
  • 125-31 EE PO - Engaged Scholarship, Cooperative Learning, and Student Evaluations: Creating a Group Project That Works for Students, Faculty, and Community Partners  
    By Lauren Jacobson
  • 125-32 FH PO - Pathways to Successful Queer Stepfamily Formation: A Process Perspective
    By Carrie Bergeson, Jacqueline Bible, Brad van Eeden-Moorefield, Kristin Matera, Autumn Bermea

Posters: Family Life Education and Work in the Communities

  • 125-33 EE PO - Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Programs in Alabama: A Study of Program Outcomes
    By Ami Landers, Rachel Odomes, Donna Roland, Francesca Adler-Baeder, Julianne McGill
  • 125-34 EE PO - Supporting African American Youth: An FLE Approach to Professional Development
    By Javonna Walker, Karen Doneker
  • 125-35 EE PO - Effects of Parenting on Adolescent Delinquency Using Self-Control Theory
    By Banafsheh Aghayeeabianeh
  • 125-36 EE PO - A Pilot Study of TIES: Teaching Interventions to Empower and Strengthen Families 
    By Brandon Hollie, Jacob Christenson, Molly Lamb
  • 125-37 EE PO - Parenting Program Evaluations: A Review of the Evidence and Six Recommendations
    By Silvia Vilches, Beth McDaniel
  • CANCELLED - 125-38 EE PO - A Family Life Education Program on Social Media Literacy
    By Aerial Holmes, Claire Kimberly
  • 125-39 EE PO - Understanding the Marital Experiences and Perspectives of Saudi Women
    By Amani Afghani, Alisha Hardman, Joe Wilmoth, Donna Peterson, Brandan Wheeler
  • 125-40 EE PO - Rethinking Traditional Pretests and Posttests in Educational Programming
    By Victor Harris, Stephanie Toelle, Brian Visconti

Posters: Family History Projects in HDFS Classrooms

  • 125-41 AFS PO - The Family Folklore Album Project: Students' Perspective
    By Hannah Wagner, Hannah Heintzelman
  • 125-42 AFS PO - Integrating Critical Family History with Collaborative Autoethnography in a Graduate Research Course: A Tool for Faculty and Graduate Students
    By Grettel Martinez, Adrienne Edwards
  • 125-43 AFS PO - Living Out Our Family Histories in the Family Science Classroom: Engaging Critical Family History Through Collaborative Autoethnography
    By Adrienne Edwards, Grettel Martinez

Posters: Sharing Different Ways to Learn "How to" in Family Life Education

  • 125-44 EE PO - Community-University Partnership: Family First—Identifying Strengths and Building Communities. A Community-Based Parenting Program
    By Angel Gullon-Rivera
  • 125-45 EE PO - Organizational Considerations for Community Mental Health Burnout Prevention
    By Michelle Shaw, Rajeswari Natrajan-Tyagi
  • 125-46 EE PO - Family Therapy, Family Studies—What’s the Difference?
    By Miranda Thornton, Joyce Armstrong, Linda Ladd
  • 125-47 EE PO - Teaching the Difference Between Education and Therapy: A 3-Wave Study
    By Brandon Burr, Dan Hubler, Marielle Jackson, Addison Elledge
  • 125-48 EE PO - A Mixed-Methods Process Evaluation of a Family Engagement Project Within a Juvenile Detention Facility
    By Ashley Harvey, Brooke Tuttle, Robert Mouser

Posters: Teaching Family Science

  • 125-49 AFS PO - Internationalizing a Family Science Curriculum: Student Outcomes
    By Maureen Blankemeyer, Kathleen Walker, Athena Koumoutzis, Courtney Walsh
  • 125-50 AFS PO - What’s Missing in Introductory Family Science Textbooks? A Critical Analysis
    By Robert Hughes Jr, Emily Young, Brianna Baymon
  • 125-51 AFS PO - Implementing Concept Maps Into an FSHD Adolescence Class
    By Timothy Ottusch, Jose Rodas
  • 125-52 AFS PO - What Makes a Good or Bad Instructor? Perceptions and Responses of Undergraduate Students
    By Darcy Gregg, Pamela Payne, Teri Henke, Colby Pomeroy
  • 125-53 AFS PO - Family-Friendly Practices in Graduate School Programs: A Scoping Review
    By Jennifer Greiving, Robert Allan, Angela Atencio

Posters: Student Perspectives of Their Learning

  • 125-54 AFS PO - Engaging Student Voices Through Scholarly Teaching in Family Science
    By Charlene VanLeeuwen, Pamela Payne, Nikki DiGregorio, Jennifer Greiving
  • 125-55 AFS PO - Experiential Learning Theory as a Resource for Shifting Student Bias
    By Jessica Cless, Stacy Conner
  • 125-56 AFS PO - Student Perceptions of Contract Grading in Undergraduate HDFS Courses
    By Candice Maier, Andrea Swenson, Jennifer Reinke, Kevin Doll, Robin Muza
  • 125-57 AFS PO - Students’ Perceptions of Specific Assignments and a Course Designed to Promote Career Readiness
    By Erica Jordan
  • 125-58 AFS PO - Student Perceptions of OnTask Learning Analytics Tool:  The Use of Mass Personalization to Increase Motivation and Success
    By Silvia Bartolic

Posters: Relationship Dissolution/Divorce

  • 125-59 IN PO - Separation and Divorce: Tracking the Trends in Philosophy and Practice Among the Luo of Rural Kenya
    By Dorothy Rombo, Penina Kamina
  • 125-61 FT PO - Association Among Divorce Factors and Reconciliation Belief Status Among Divorcing Couples
  • By Todd Spencer, Matt Brosi, Ethan Jones, Ron Cox
  • 125-62 FT PO - Latent Profiles of Relationship Repair Among Those Thinking About Divorce
    By Adam Galovan, Alan Hawkins
  • 125-63 RT PO - Examining Predictors of Relationship Instability Among Fragile Families
    By Jenee' Duncan
  • 125-64 FT PO - How Do Divorced Fathers Decide What to Disclose to Their Children?
    By Youngjin Kang, Lawrence Ganong
  • 125-65 FH PO - Consequences of Maternal Post-Divorce Dating Transitions for Children’s Adjustment
    By Michael Langlais, Jacqueline DeAnda, Edward Anderson
  • 125-66 RT PO - Fathers in Always-Married Families, Non-Residential Fathers in Divorced Families, and Children's Romantic Relationships.
    By Sun-A Lee, Sean Jefferson
  • 125-67 FP PO - A View From the Bench: Adjudicating Same-Sex Divorce-Related Issues With Parents of Minor Children
    By Jamie Brown, Mary Langenbrunner

Posters: Coparenting and Stepfamilies

  • 125-69 FT PO - The Divorced Coparenting Rating Scale: A Tool for Improving Therapy With Divorced Parents
    By Scott Huff, Shayne Anderson, Jaimee Hartenstein, Rachel Tambling
  • 125-70 FT PO - An Integrative Review of Stepfamily Typologies: Implications for Practice
    By Lawrence Ganong, Caroline Sanner, Marilyn Coleman
  • 125-71 FT PO - Systematic Review of Parental Partner Transitions in Children’s Literature
    By Rachael Doubledee, Diana Cabezas, Jacqueline Bible, Carrie Bergeson, Brad Van Eeden-Moorefield
  • 125-72 EE PO - Increasing Collaborative Coparenting Through Divorce Education
    By Todd Spencer, Ron Cox, Ma Bros, Ethan Jones
  • 125-73 FP PO - Benefits of CRE for Couples' Relationship, Parenting, and Coparenting in the Context of Neighborhood Disadvantage
    By Elif Dede Yildirim, Chelsea Garneau-Rosner, Jeremy Kanter, Melissa Herzog

Poster: Grief/Loss

  • 125-74 FH PO - I'm Sorry, Is My Grief Too Public for You? Disenfranchised Grief and Social Etiquette Surrounding Messages of Grief and Loss on Social Media
    By Lisa Moyer

Posters: Health Care and Costs

  • 125-75 FT PO - Hypertension, Physical Health, Relational Experiences, and ER Visits
    By Cameron Brown, Darian Lopez, Julie Gardenhire, Natira Mullett, Megan Story
  • 125-76 FH PO - Comparing Swedish Child Health Nurses’ Attitudes Toward Fathers in 2014 and 2017
    By Michael Wells
  • 125-77 FH PO - Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences: Current Practices and Family Policy Implications
    By Tierney Popp, Cheryl Geisthardt, Ellen Brandell, Emily Jensen
  • 125-78 FH PO - Financial Ratio Analysis of Financial Burden of Cancer
    By Radion Svynarenko, Qun Zhang, Hyungsoo Kim

Posters: Couples Therapy

  • 125-79 FT PO - The Associations Between Shame, Intimacy, and Relationship Satisfaction
    By Elizabeth Watters
  • 125-80 FT PO - Initial Spark of Hope: Considering Attachment First
    By Jonathan Sandberg, Ragan Lybbert, Josh Novak
  • 125-81 FT PO - Examining the Impact of Attachment Behaviors in Couples Across Four Different Ethnic Groups
    By Jonathan Sandberg, Cameron Hee, Scott Huff

Posters: Therapy With Immigrants

  • 125-82 FT PO - Contextual Differentiation with Second Generation Asian American Clients
    By Jessica ChenFeng, Natalie Hsieh
  • 125-83 FT PO - Culturally Responsive Family Therapy With Latinx Undocumented and Mixed-Status Families
    By Ashley Walsdorf

Posters: Incarceration

  • 125-84 IN PO - Effects of Therapies on Psychological Adjustment on Married and Unmarried Prison Inmates for Positive Rehabilitation on Release
    By A. B. Adams, C. A. Daramola, L. O. Gbore
  • 125-85 FH PO - Jail by 20: Loss During Adolescence Among Adult Male Prisoners
    By Michael Merten, Alex Bishop, Amanda Williams

Posters: Resilience

  • 125-86 FT PO - Applying the Family Resilience Model to Palliative Care
    By Brooke Montoya, Tara Wyatt, Giavanna McCall, Carolyn Henry
  • 125-87 FH PO - Family Resilience: Variations by Individual Psychological and Health Resources, Social Capital, and Demographic Dimensions
    By Daniel Walker, Timothy Killian, M. E. Garrison, Zola Moon, Kelly Way
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