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Poster Symposia: Families and Finance; Relational Aggression and IPV
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7:15 PM
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About the Session

Poster Symposium: Families and Finance

  • 154-01 RT PO SY - Heterogeneous Trajectories of Financial Capability and Their Associations With Life Decisions Among Young Adults
    By Dayoung Bae, Sun Young Ahn, Joyce Serido, Soyeon Shim
  • 154-02 RT PO SY - Finances, Religion, and the FAAR Model: How Religion Both Exacerbates and Alleviates Financial Stress
    By Ashley LeBaron, Heather Kelley, E. Jeffrey Hill, Quinn Galbraith
  • 154-03 RT PO SY - The Socialization of Financial Giving: A Multigenerational Exploration
    By Ashley LeBaron
  • 154-04 RT PO SY - Poverty: A Dance Between Generational Privilege and Generational Oppression
    By Julie Zaloudek, Amanda Barnett

Poster Symposium: Relational Aggression and Intimate Partner Violence

Facilitator: Andrea Roach
  • 154-05 FF PO SY - Tendency to Forgive and Attitudes Toward Forgiveness After Relational Aggression: The Role of Gender
    By Ashley Ermer, Andrea Roach, Marilyn Coleman, Lawrence Ganong
  • 154-06 FF PO SY - The Association of Gender Role Attitudes With Partner Violence Victimization Among Rural Adolescents
    By Sarah Taylor, Yan Xia
  • 154-07 FF PO SY - Examining Intimate Partner Homicide: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis
    By Jacqueline Harden, Jingshuai Du, Chelsea Spencer, Sandra Stith
  • 154-08 FF PO SY - An Integrative, Theoretical Model for Examining Gender-Based Nonviolent Coercive Behavior
    By Kimberly Crossman

Posters: Adoption and Foster Care

  • 154-09 FF PO - Birth Families' Experience of Contact With Lesbian and Gay Adoptive Parents
    By Cassandra Della-Vázquez, Indrani Chatterjee, Rachel Farr
  • 154-10 FP PO - “They’ve Never Been Parented… and We've Never Been Parents": The Transition to Parenthood in Sibling Group Adoption
    By Reihonna Frost, Abbie Goldberg
  • 154-11 FP PO - Parental Visitation and Foster Youth Adjustment: A Secondary Data Analysis
    By Brittany Mihalec-Adkins, Heather Thompson, Morgan Cooley
  • 154-12 FP PO - A Mixed Methods Examination of Coparenting Between Foster Parents
    By Morgan Cooley, Raymond Petren


Posters: Adoption, Biracial Families, Racial Socialization, Parenting, and Discrimination

  • 154-14 EM PO - Racial and Ethnic Socialization of African American Adolescents: Examining the Role of Gender
    By Melanie Evans Keyes, Tiffany Brown
  • 154-15 EM PO - Community Needs Assessment of South Asian Families in Minnesota to Provide Need-Based Programming
    By Sayali Amarapurkar, Ummul-Kiram Kathawalla
  • 154-16 EM PO - The Impact of Ethnic-Reacial Socialization Messages on Black Emerging Adults' Ethnic-Racial Identity
    By Denzel Jones
  • 154-17 EM PO - Criminal Justice Contact, Racial Discrimination, and Health
    By Tanner Kilpatrick, Elizabeth Johnson, Stephanie Bohon, Anneliese Bolland
  • 154-18 EM PO - Chinese Parenting Styles Portrayed in the Literature
    By Chun Creaser
  • 154-19 EM PO - Forgotten and Misunderstood: Giving Voice to Black Fathers
    By Amanda Barnes, Domonique Edwards, Shakiera Causey, Stephanie Coard
  • 154-20 EM PO - Barriers to Race-Related Parent-Child Conversations Among African American Families
    By Domonique Edwards, Amanda Barnes, Shakiera Causey, Stephanie Coard
  • 154-21 EM PO - Co-Morbid Health Stressors: Health Disparities Among Minority Populations
    By Naheed Ahmed, C. Andrew Conway
  • 154-23 EM PO - Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Black Youth: Self-Control as Protection
  • By Megan Hicks, Poco Kernsmith, Joanne Smith-Darden
  • 154-24 EM PO - Child Birth Weight and Reading Skills: A Moderation by Race
    By Annamaria Csizmadia, Kalea Coles
  • 154-25 EM PO - “Becoming a Grown Man”: How African American Collegiate Males Balance Family, School, and Self-Care
    By Jacar Union, Karen Myers-Bowman
  • (POSTER CANCELLED) 154-26 EM PO - Saudi Teens & Social Networking Sites: Mothers’ Experiences & Concerns
    By Ragad Hannon, Karen Myers-Bowman, Adnan Alkhiary
  • 154-27 EM PO - Gender Socialization in African American and White Families: The Role of Socioeconomic Status
    By Laura Cutler, Mellissa Gordon
  • 154-28 EM PO - Racial Discrimination, Resilience, and Substance Use: Steeling Effects Among Young Black Men
    By Steven Kogan, Dayoung Bae, Assaf Oshri
  • 154-30 EM PO - The Influence of Race, Sex, and Generation on Attitudes toward Marriage and Family
  • By Farrell Webb
  • 154-31 EM PO - A Content Analysis of Family Rituals Portrayed in Children's Books About Chinese-Born Adopted Girls
    By Jacki Fitzpatrick, Erin Kostina-Rtichey
  • 154-32 EM PO - Experiences of Women With Biracial Children: The Transition to Motherhood
    By Jessica Hutchinson, Yolanda Mitchell, Ashley Cunningham, Shabaz Brown, Roudi Nazarinia Roy
  • 154-33 EM PO - White Women, Mixed Babies, and Racial Socialization: A Systematic Literature Review
    By Jennifer Camacho, Yolanda Mitchell, Abigail DeShazo, Ashley Cunningham, Roudi Nazarinia Roy
  • 154-34 EM PO - Maternal Stress Across the Transition to Motherhood: The Experiences of Black Mothers
    By Roudi Nazarinia Roy, Tiffany Brown, Yolanda Mitchell, Megan Darden, Afriyah Mayasa-Hailey

Posters: Adolescence, Hispanic/Latino Youth, Education

  • 154-35 EM PO - An Examination of Parenting Stress Among College Fathers Attending a Hispanic-Serving Institution
    By Roudi Nazarinia Roy, Nancy Dayne, Anthony Walker, Abby Bradecich, Andrea Luna
  • 154-36 EM PO - Financial Burden and Psychological Well-Being Among Parent Students: Are Hispanics Impacted More?
    By Soo Hyun Cho, Roudi Nazarinia Roy, Nancy Dayne
  • 154-37 EM PO - Family Social Climate and Observed Behavior During a Parent-Adolescent Collaborative Task: Gender and Ethnicity
    By Chia-Feng Chen, Thomas Schofield
  • 154-38 EM PO - Youth, Family, and Community: Intergenerational Relationships for Empowering Change
    By Andrea Jaquish, David Lardier
  • 154-39 EM PO - The Role of Neighborhood Attachment in Youth Development: A Study of Neighborhood Attachment as a Mediator of Ecological Systems' Influence on Developmental Outcomes
    By David Lardier, Ijeoma Opara, Carrie Bergeson, Pauline Garcia-Reid, Robert Reid
  • 154-40 EM PO - The Normalization of Violence and Drug Use Among Ethnic Minority Youth: A Qualitative Exploration Using a Community Trauma Framework
    By Ijeoma Opara, Sean Wilson, Pauline Garcia-Reid, Robert Reid, Leshelle Franklin
  • 154-41 PO - The Mediating Role of Coping on the Relations Between Parent Attachment and U.S. Mexican College Students’ Adjustment
    By Gustavo Carlo, Jeffrey Liew, Cara Streit, Meredith McGinley
  • 154-42 EM PO - Longitudinal Associations Between Stressors and Depressive Symptoms in Mexican-Origin Girls
    By Griselda Martinez, Lorena Aceves, Mayra Bámaca-Colbert
  • 154-43 EM PO - Moderation of Social Initiative on Latino Adolescents' Academic Aspirations
    By Jayson Carmona, Roy Bean, Pedro Perez
  • 154-44 EM PO - Mexican-Origin Family Members’ Unique and Shared Perspectives of Familism Values
    By Jenny Padilla, Justin Jager, Kimberly Updegraff, Susan McHale, Adriana Umana-Taylor
  • 154-45 EM PO - Educational Barriers and Opportunities for Mixed-Document Status Immigrant Families
    By Colleen Murray, J. Guillermo Villalobos, Lindsay Perez, Karen Camelo
  • 154-46 EM PO - Familism, Ego-Resiliency, and Internalizing Problems in Latino Parents
    By Zoe Taylor, Blake Jones
  • 154-47 EM PO - A Convergent Mixed Methods Study: Factors That Influence Academic Mastery Among Latino Children in Migrant Farmworker Families
    By Yumary Ruiz, Zoe E. Taylor
  • 154-48 EM PO - Stronger Fathers: Identifying Fatherhood Needs in Jail
    By James D. Morgante, Jorge M. Carvalho Pereira, Richard Stansfield
  • 154-49 EM PO - Important Others and Mexican-Origin College Students’ Academic Outcomes
    By Edna Alfaro, Sarah Killoren, Erica Tooker
  • 154-50 EM PO - Latina/o Adolescents’ Ideas About Romantic Relationships and Sex
    By Eric Salinas, Sarah Killoren, Cara Streit, Maria Len-Rios, Rebecca Leaf, Gustavo Carlo
  • 154-51 EM PO - Maternal Gatekeeping, Marital Quality, and Family Functioning in Mexican Americans
    By Jennifer Ross, Adriann Wray
  • 154-52 EM PO - Call Me By My Name: Narratives of Second Chances With Urban Youth of Color and Community Organizations
    By Carrie Bergeson, David Lardier, Kathryn Herr, Robert Reid, Pauline Garcia-Reid
  • 154-53 EM PO - Experiencing Versus Witnessing Peer- and Teacher-Perpetrated Discrimination and Adolescents' Depressive Symptoms
    By Elizabeth Jelsma, Kierra Sattler, Fatima Varner, Aprile Benner
  • 154-54 EM PO - Effects of Maternal Depression on Latino Children's Social and Academic Competence
    By Youngok Jung
  • 154-55 EM PO - The Association of Familism, Bicultural Stress, and Achievement Guilt With Academic Achievement Among Latina/o Adolescents
    By Jose Rodas, Sei Kim, Andrea Romero
  • 154-56 EM PO - Mechanisms Linking Acculturative Stress and Sociocultural Context to Latino Adolescent Adjustment
    By Lorey Wheeler, Melissa Delgado, Rajni Nair
  • 154-57 RT PO - Major Life Events and Prosocial Behaviors Among Low-Income Adolescents: The Role of Family Relationships
    By Alexandra Davis, Ashley Martin-Cuellar, Haley Luce

Posters: Chronic Illness and Health

  • 154-58 IN PO - A Discussion of Social Determinants of Breast Cancer Among Women in Tanzania: Advantages, Gaps, and Future Directions in Family Scholarship
    By Rosemary Eustace, Tumaini Mwita, Eunice Lee
  • 154-59 FH PO - Couple Engagement in Shared Glycemic Control Activities: The Role of Perceived Warmth
    By Zephon Lister, Gregory Seibert, Ross May
  • (POSTER CANCELLED) 154-60 FH PO - Diabetes: 'Tis Not So Sweet
    By Megan Mikesell, Hayley Lindsey, Jessica Troilo
  • 154-61 FH PO - The Role of Family in the Self-Management of Type 2 Diabetes in Appalachia
    By Laurie Meschke, Bonnie Hinds, Soghra Jarvandi, Aubrey Ray

Posters: Depression

  • 154-62 FT PO - Gender Differences in Men’s and Women’s Depression Classes
    By Preston Morgan, Hunter Standfield
  • 154-63 FH PO - Relationship Quality as a Mediator of Depression and Child Well-Being in Rural Mothers
    By Heidi Radunovich, Lenna Ontai, Suzanne Smith
  • 154-64 FH PO - Masculine Depression Inventory: Do Men Experience Depression Differently?
    By Erin Holmes, Ali Crandall, Kevin Schaffer, Nathan Robbins, Clare Thomas
  • 154-65 FH PO - Effect of Socio-Demographic Variables on Depression Trajectories of Older Adults in the Health and Retirement Study
    By Feng Zhao, Gong-Soog Hong, Daniel Russell

Posters: Mental Health

  • 154-66 FH PO - Teachers’ and Immigrant Parents’ Identification of the Signs, Symptoms, and Contributing Factors to Mental Disorders
    By Kieu Anh Do, Cixin Wang, Ana-Sophia Ross, Kristen Frese, Julia Barlis, Kate Sullivan

Posters: Fertility and Reproductive Health

  • 154-67 FH PO - Assessing Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Services
    By Angelique Walker, Claire Kimberly, Ashley Peterson
  • 154-68 FH PO - Fertility and Mental Health Care: How to Promote Coping Skills in a Patient-Care Provider Relationship
    By Lacey Bagley, Claire Kimberly
  • 154-69 FF PO - How Are Women's Attitudes Toward Marriage Related With Marriage Intention and Fertility Aspirations in South Korea?
    By Soomin Ryu, Jinhee Kim

Posters: Food Security

  • 154-70 FH PO - Desert Within a City: Exploring Factors Associated With Food Security Among Residents
    By Jamey Baietto, Julie Schumacher, Tammy Harpel, Jacqueline Lanier
  • 154-71 FH PO - Who Has Time for Healthy Choices? A Focus Group With Mothers
    By Katharine Didericksen, Erin Sesemann

Poster: Obesity

  • 154-72 FH PO - Familial Weight-Related Conversations and Emotional Reactivity
    By Katharine Didericksen, Andrew Brimhall

Posters: Physical Health

  • 154-73 FH PO - Biopsychosocial Group Therapy for the Treatment of Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures (PNES)
    By Sean Fitzgerald, Daniel Tapanes, Brian Distelberg
  • 154-74 FH PO - Work Out Harder or Longer? Exploring the Impacts of Exercise on Couples’ Daily Relationships
    By Samantha Simpson, Lee Johnson, Shayne Anderson, Sam Ryland, Emily Stephens

Posters: Community and Health

  • 154-75 IN PO - Are Neighbors Still Important? Impacts of Neighbors and Neighborhood Environments on Mothers' Stress
    By Meejung Chin, Soyoung Lee, Miai Sung
  • 154-76 IN PO - The Influence of Community-Level Trauma on Individual Levels of Alcohol Consumption in Post-Conflict Cambodia
    By Leslie Anderson, Desiree Seponski
  • 154-77 FH PO - Does Marital Relationship Quality Affect Southeast Asian Adults’ Blood Pressure?
    By Guan Wang, Sudha Shreeniwas, Sharon Morrison, Nicole Caudill
  • 154-78 FH PO - Neighborhood Characteristics, Maternal Parenting, and Health and Development of Children from Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Families
    By Jeong Kyun Choi, Megan Kelley, Dan Wang
  • 154-79 FP PO - Safety and Convenience of Community Environments and Mothers' Depression with Preschool-Aged Child
    By Shinae Noh, Ahyeong Kim, Meejung Chin

Posters: Well-Being

  • 154-80 FH PO - Paradigm Shifts in Sexual Health: A Mixed-Method Analysis of Story and Fact-Based Health Education Intervention
    By Roula Kteily-Hawa, Shriya Hari, Jaspreet Soor, Josephine Wong, Vijaya Chikermane, Lori Chambers, Mandana Vahabi
  • 154-81 FH PO - What Matters to Student Well-Being: Investigation into Helicopter Parenting and Autonomy Support in Two Countries 
    By Yue Zhang, Eunjoo Jung, Woosang Hwang, Seong Hee Kim, Hye Lim Sin, Zhenqiang Zhao, Jenny Hanseul Park

Posters: Work-Family Issues

  • 154-82 IN PO - Work-Parenting Experience and Marital Satisfaction of Dual-Earner Couples in Korea: A Dyadic Analysis
    By Cheong-Ah Huh, Kiyoung Kwon, Grace Chung
  • 154-83 FF PO - Mothers in HDFS Academic Life: When Your Professional Life and Real Life Intertwine
    By Julia Bernard, Amber Seidel, Mary Oglesby, Colleen Pagnan
  • 154-84 FF PO - Does Manager Gender Mitigate Concerns of Schedule Flexibility?
    By Eunjeong Paek
  • 154-85 FH PO - Work Conditions, Work-to-Family Conflict, and Marital Quality Among Male Firefighters
    By Meagan Meadows, Karina Shreffler
  • 154-86 FH PO - Maternal Institutional Lactation Knowledge: Findings From a University Sample
    By Shera Thomas-Jackson, Holly Jessen, Mackenzie Gerard, Janis Henderson

Posters: Mate Selection/Cohabitation and Family Relations

  • 154-87 FH PO - "I Thought You Loved Me Too:" Correlates/Outcomes of Discrepant Involvement in Romantic Relationships
    By Dana Weiser, Taylor Hilliard, David Knox
  • 154-88 IN PO - Commitment, Self-Regulation, and Intimacy in Cohabitating Unions in Colombia
    By Karen Ripoll-Núñez, Juan Cifuentes-Acosta

Posters: Depression and Therapy

  • 154-89 FH PO - Recollections of Peripartium Depression: A Lived Experience Storytelling of Peripartum Depression Among Latina Women
    By Jacqueline Moncada, Rajeswari Natrajan-Tyagi
  • 154-90 FT PO - Patterns of Change in Adolescents’ Anger at Their Parents and Depressive Symptoms
    By Gilbert Parra, John Smith, W. Mason
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