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Poster Symposia: Internet Use in Japan and U.S.; LGBTQ Intersectional Identities
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About the Session

Poster Symposium: Internet Use and Its Effect on Families and Children: A Japan and U.S. Comparison

Facilitator: Masako Ishii-Kuntz
  • 221-01 IN PO SY - The Impact of Parents’ Internet Use for Childcare on Their Evaluation of Children’s Socioemotional Development: A Comparison of Dual-Earner Families in Japan and the U.S.
    By Kuniko Kato, Noriko Morinaka
  • 221-02 IN PO SY - The Effect of Mothers’ Internet Use on Maternal Fulfillment and Anxiety Over Children’s Internet Use in Dual-Earner Families: A Comparison between Japan and the U.S.
    By Mari Nakagawa, Junko Sano, Rie Okamura
  • 221-03 IN PO SY - The Impact of Working Mothers’ Internet Use on Effectiveness of Parenting and Grandparents-Mothers’ Relationship: A Japan-U.S. Comparison
    By Kaoru Okaze, Shoko Aikawa
  • 221-04 IN PO SY - The Internet Use and Families in Japan and the U.S.: Project Overview
    By Masako Ishii-Kuntz

Poster Symposium: LGBTQ Intersectional Identities

Facilitator: Brad van Eeden-Moorefield
  • 221-05 FF PO SY - Past, Present, and Ideal Sexual Identities of Rural Appalachian Queer Youth
    By Lauren Smithee, Lea El Helou, Melece Meservy, Erika Grafsky
  • 221-06 FF PO SY - Economic Marginality Among LGB-Parent Families: A Systematic Review
    By Jasmine Routon, Yang Wang, Shuo Xu
  • 221-07 FF PO SY - Ambiguous Loss of Faith Community Among Transgender Youth and Young Adults
    By S Okrey Anderson
  • 221-08 FF PO SY - Lived Experiences of Bisexual Women of Color
    By Sarah Mitchell, Marilyn Coleman, Lawrence Ganong

Poster Symposium: Openness, Religion, and Perceptions in Marriage

Facilitator: Brian Ogolsky
  • 221-08 RT PO SY - Better Off Married? Exploring the Association Between Perceived Benefits of Marriage and Well-Being
    By TeKisha Rice, Brian Ogolsky, Ramona Oswald
  • 221-08B FH PO SY - Black-White Marriages: The Moderating Role of Openness on Experience of Couple Discrimination and Marital Satisfaction
    By Bornell Nicholson, Brianna Craig, Joyce Baptist
  • 221-08C RSF PO SY - Black-White Couples: Religiosity Improves Marital Satisfaction
    By Emel Genc, Yile Su, Joyce Baptist

Posters: Couples/Marital Couples Relationships

  • 221-08D RSF PO SY - Common Fate Processes of Religiosity and Marital Integration in Enduring Marriages
    By Victoria King, Kanduada Wickrama

Posters: Trauma and Violence

  • 221-09 FH PO - Exploring the Adverse Childhood Experiences of Latino Immigrant Families
    By C. Andrew Conway, Amy Lewin
  • 221-10 IN PO - Maternal Education, Attitudes Toward Domestic Abuse, and Child Well-Being in Sub-Saharan Africa
    By Spencer James, Jane Rose Njue

Posters: Fostering Social Awareness and Professional Practice Among Family Science Students

  • 221-10A AFS PO - Two Decades of Engaged Learning: Implementing the CFLE Program at Northern Illinois University
    By Jane Rose Njue and Alyssa Dent

Posters: Abuse and Neglect

  • 216-13 FT PO - “My Kids, They Safe”: Parents’ Perceptions of Child Neglect Allegations
    By Hana Yoo, Kelsey Abiera
  • 221-14 FH PO - Child Maltreatment, Family Cohesion, and Young Adult Sexual Victimization
    By Matthew Carlson, Assaf Oshri, Jasmine Hallock

Posters: Sexual Abuse/Harassment

  • 221-15 FF PO - Embarrassed, Afraid, and Alone: A #MeTooMen Phenomenological Analysis
    By Natira Mullet, Lindsey Hawkins, Julie Gardenhire, Dane Eggleston
  • 221-16 FF PO - Sitcom Viewing and Rape Myth Acceptance Among College Students
    By Kimberly King, I. Joyce Chang
  • 221-17 FF PO - (CHANGE IN TITLE) Reporting Sexual Assault in the Military: Would You Report Your Friend?
    By Alyssa Campbell, Jason Hans

Posters: Intimate Partner Violence

  • 221-18 FH PO - Relationship- and Individual-Level Predictors of Condom Use Self-Efficacy Among Abused Women
    By Shyneice Porter, Mona Mittal
  • 221-19 FH PO - Effectiveness of a Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program in Middle Schools
    By Aysha Mabin, Ambika Krishnakumar
  • 221-20 FT PO - Pathways Impacting Fathers' Behaviors on College Students’ Dating Violence
    By Antoinette London-Johnson, Michael Fitzgerald, Frank Fincham

Posters: Addiction and Substance Abuse

  • 221-21 FH PO - Readiness to Change and Differentiation of Self: Understanding the PFC in Family Member Recovery From Addiction
    By Mazie Zielinski, Spencer Bradshaw, Michael O'Boyle, Sara Smock-Jordan, Sterling Shumway
  • 221-22 FH PO - The Opioid Crisis in America: Community-Based Strategies to Address the Epidemic
    By Erin Yelland

Poster: Emerging Adulthood/Young Adulthood

  • 221-22A FH PO - A Moderated Mediation Model of Substance Use Among Men and Women in College
    By Manju Chawla, Judith Fischer, Larry Forthun, Duane Dowd

Posters: Risky Behaviors

  • 221-23 FT PO - The Role of Family-of-Origin Variables on Risk-Taking Behaviors of Turkish Emerging Adults
    By Mustafa Kurşuncu, Zeynep Hatipoğlu-Sümer
  • 221-24 FH PO - Attitudes, Activity, and Risk: What Are College Students Thinking and Doing When It Comes to Sex?
    By Deirdre Quinn, Amy Lewin

Posters: Children

  • 221-25 FH PO - Maternal Aggravation Mediates the Relationship Between Maternal Mental Health and Mental Health Service Use for ADHD Children: Evidence From a Longitudinal Study
    By Katarina Krizova
  • 221-26 IN PO - Closing the Gaps: An Ethnographic Study of a Primary School in India Serving Destitute Children
    By Sarah Erwin, Joseph Byrd, Julia Torquati, Rochelle Dalla
  • 221-27 RT PO - Children’s Representations of Negotiation: Association with Socioemotional Outcomes
    By Hannah Mudrick (presented by Amber Seidel)

Posters: Infancy and Early Childhood

  • 221-28 RT PO - Cosleeping and Bioecological Theory: An Interdisciplinary, Integrative Review
    By Elaine Barry
  • 221-29 RT PO - Parental Experiences, Children's Trait Characteristics, and Academic Skills
    By Seunghee Han, Francisco Palermo, Jean Ispa, Gustavo Carlo

Posters: Adolescents

  • 221-30 RSF PO - Do Beliefs Make Good (or Bad) Parents? Parenting as a Mediator of Parents’ Beliefs on Child Outcomes
    By Justin Dyer, Alyssa Marsh, Clark Cressman, Megan Gale, Austin Stewart, Lindsay Ward
  • 221-31 FF PO - Influences on Rural Adolescents’ Perceptions Toward Relationship Behaviors
    By Sarah Taylor, Yan Xia
  • 221-32 RSF PO - The Family Context of Adolescent Religiousness and Spirituality
    By Sam Hardy, Summer Frandsen, Jeffrey Hurst, Haley Butterfield, Mariah Schuelke
  • 221-33 RSF PO - Adolescent Suicidal Ideation: The Role of Family and Faith
    By Michael Goodman, Justin Dyer, Jeremy Grubbs, Brian Phillips, Haley Smith, Holli Sperry, Alyssa Parsons
  • 221-34 RSF PO - Hope as a Mediator Between Religiosity and Depression in LDS Adolescents
    By Andrew Rose, Jennifer Rose, Richard Miller, Justin Dyer
  • 221-35 RSF PO - The Impact of Negative Religous Coping and Parenting Styles on LDS Adolescent Mental Health
    By Mark Ogletree, Justin Dyer, Heather Baker, Deji Olalerede, Bradley McCormick, Maelyn Peterson
  • 221-36 RT PO - The Role of Mothers and Fathers in Predicting Adolescents’ Peer Affiliation and Behavioral Adjustment
    By Becky Grelle, Alexandra Davis

Posters: Siblings

  • 221-37 FH PO - Sibling Relationships in Later Life: Associations With Well-Being
    By Clare Stocker, Megan Gilligan, Richard Lanthier, Eric Klopack, Kandauda Wickrama, Katherine Conger
  • 221-38 FH PO - Mexican-Origin Siblings’ Dyadic and Social Time from Late Adolescence to Young Adulthood
    By Jenny Padilla, Edwin Vazquez, Kimberly Updegraff, Susan McHale, Adriana Umana-Taylor
  • 221-39 RT PO - Sibling Influence on Emerging Adults’ Emotional Autonomy, Work, and Education Orientations
    By Jenna Cassinat, Shawn Whiteman, Alexander Jensen
  • 221-40 RT PO - Sibling Caregiving: A Qualitative Analysis of Adolescents’ Conversations
    By Gabrielle Kline, Lindsey Murphy, Sarah Killoren

Posters: Family Processes

  • 221-41 RT PO - Examining Early Childhood Emotional Well-Being Among Fragile Families
    By Katie Reck, Chelsea Garneau-Rosner, Tierney Popp, Elif Yildirim


Posters: How Social Media and Technology Affect Relationships

  • 221-43 RT PO - Exploring the Influence of Bedtime Media Use on Empathetic Listening and Relationship Satisfaction in Romantic Partners: A Dyadic Study
    By Daniel Hubler, Mackenzie Hazeldine, Brandon Burr, Bryan Henrie, Matthew Lefthand, Michael McColley, Amanda Gibson
  • 221-44 FH PO - Social Media Use and Interpersonal Health: Examining Generational Differences
    By Taylor Kizer, Michael Langlais, Kevin Lau, Ashley Randall, Rebecca Jokinen
  • 221-45 FH PO - Social Media and Jealousy: Testing Social Media Networks for Relationship Jealousy and Satasfaction
    By Molly Moeller, Michael Langlais, Gwendolyn Seidman
  • 221-46 FH PO - Electronic Communication Use and Socioemotional Well-Being Among Military Youth
    By Melissa Landers-Potts
  • 221-47 RT PO - Technoference: The Interference of Technology in Relationships and Impacts on Sexual Satisfaction
    By Brandon McDaniel, KC Locher

Posters: Couples/Marital Couples Relationships

  • 221-48 FH PO - Global and Daily Associations Between Young Adult Romantic Partners' Alcohol Use and Relationship Satisfaction
    By Eunjin Lee, Lauren Papp
  • 221-51 RT PO - Understanding Relationship Fidelity
    By Mark Adams, Todd Baird, Jordan Shuler
  • 221-52 RSF PO - Religiosity, Forgiveness, and Marital Satisfaction in Muslim Couples
    By Noratthiah Nordin, W. Kim Halford
  • 221-53 RSF PO - Findings From the Piney Woods Strong Marriages Qualitative Investigation: Religiosity and Its Links to Strong Marriages
    By G. Randall
  • 221-55 RSF PO - Relational Spirituality Pathways Across Two Cultures
    By ILYA OKHOTNIKOV, Nathan Wood

Posters: Family Formation and Family Relations

  • 221-56 FH PO - Geographic-Area Differences in Attitudes Related to Teen Pregnancy in Delaware County, Pennsylvania
    By Marinda Harrell-Levy
  • 221-57 IN PO - Normative Solidarity and Relationship Satisfaction Between Korean Mothers-in-Law and Sons-in-Law: An APIM Framework 
    By Sesong Jeon, Megan Gilligan, Jaeeon Yoo
  • 221-58 IN PO - Measurement Invariance of the Revised Marital Comparison Level Index For Koreans and Americans
    By Hyanghee Lee, Ronald Sabatelli
  • 221-59 IN PO - Family Structure Change and Private Tutoring in South Korea
    By Amy Read, Jonathan Jarvis, Mikaela Dufur
  • 221-60 IN PO - The Effect of Work-Family Conflict on Psychological Well-Being Among South Korean Working Mothers: Focused on the Moderating Effect of Social Support
    By Juhee Park
  • 221-61 IN PO - The Effect of Overinvolved Parenting on Young Adults in U.S. and Finland
    By Ming Cui, Hille Janhonen-Abruquah, Carol Darling, Fiorella Carlos Chavez, Päivi Palojoki

Posters: Disabilities

  • 221-62 RT PO - Relationship Factors: A Qualitative Study of Parents of Children With Down Syndrome
    By Kristen Krueger, Paige Alexander, Meghan Dyster, Mollie Reves, Robert Steele, Morgan Wedekind, Briana Nelson Goff, Jessica Cless
  • 221-63 FH PO - Grasping For Hope: A Grounded Theory of Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors and Their Families 
    By Lindsey Hawkins, Dane Eggleston, Natira Mullet, Julie Gardenhire
  • 221-64 IN PO - The Reliability of Chinese Version of Parenting Stress Index – Short Form (PSI–SF) Among Caregivers of Individuals With and Without Developmental Disabilities
    By Shann Hwa Hwang, Isaiah Hwang, Wendy Lee

Poster: Families and Education

  • 221-65 EE PO - The Levels of Parenting Stress Among Parents of Children With and Without Disabilities in Chengdu, China: An Exploratory Study
    By Shann Hwa Hwang, Lucy Liu, Isaiah Hwang

Posters: Rural Families

  • 221-66 FH PO - Rural Low-Income Families’ Health Challenges: Health Disparities Insights
    By Patricia Dyk, Heidi Radunovich, Yoshie Sano
  • 221-67 FH PO - Investigation of Rural Parental Experiences and Needs in Their Roles as Sex Educators: An Exploratory Qualitative Study
    By Teresa Barabe
  • (POSTER CANCELLED) 221-69 FH PO - Barriers to Mental Health Care: Investigating Prevalence, Location, and Impact on Rural Communities
    By Emily Jensen, Sarah Beehler, Eugene Hall

Posters: Military Families

  • 221-70 FT PO - Mindfulness: Applications to Military Families
    By Tegan Smischney, Adeya Richmond, Kate Gliske, Lynne Borden
  • 221-71 FH PO - Factors Related to Family Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth in Students Who Are Military Personnel or Dependents of Military Personnel
    By Jou-Chen Chen, Kimberly Doudna, Crystal Duncan Lane, Jessica Cheung
  • 221-72 FH PO - The Influence of Military Life Stressors on Military Satisfaction
    By Towanda Street, Amy Lewin, Kelly Woodall, Valerie Stander
  • 221-73 FH PO - Associations Between Stressors, Partner Role Functioning, and Postdeployment Outcomes
    By Elizabeth Coppola, Christine McCall, Keisha Bailey, Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth
  • 221-74 FH PO - Examining the Impact of Parental Mental Health in Military-Connected Youth on School Engagement: Do Developmental Assets Buffer Negative Effects?
    By Kelly Schwartz, Andrea Stelnicki
  • 221-75 RT PO - Studying Military Families: Indicators of Family Readiness Across the Field
    By Stacy Hawkins, Kristine Liu, Annie Condon, Yxsel Ramirez, Jacob Hawkins, Jackson Tolins, Marisa Nihill
  • 221-76 FP PO - Association of Social Relationships With Suicide Risk, PTS Symptoms, and Health Level of Female Spouses of Veterans
    By Casey Gutierrez, Linda Ladd, Aaron Norton, Emily Gutierrez

Posters: Latino/a Families

  • 221-77 IN PO - The Occupational Aspirations of Adolescents in Immigrant Hispanic Families
    By Teru Toyokawa, Nancy Diaz, Esmeralda Munoz
  • 221-78 FT PO - A Longitudinal Analysis of Alcohol Use in Latin American Adolescents and Young Adults
    By Natira Mullet, Joyce Baptist
  • 221-79 RT PO - Recruiting Latino Immigrant Youth Into a Family-Based Intervention: A Test of Best Practice
    By Hector Nolasco, Ron Cox, Isaac Washburn

Posters: Fostering Social Awareness and Professional Practice Among Family Science Students

  • 221-80 AFS PO - Promoting Collaborative Learning and Social Awareness Through Class Blogging
    By Kimberly Crossman
  • 221-81 AFS PO - Determining Naïve Understandings of Dysconscious Racism Among Undergraduate Family Science Students
    By Nora Rincon, Bill Anderson
  • 221-82 AFS PO - Seeing Dysconscious Racism as a Development and Educational Continuum
    By Bill Anderson
  • 221-83 AFS PO - Creating a Professional Experience and Networking Event (PENE): Promoting Student Professional Experiences, Community Connections, and the Field of Family Life Education
    By Robin Millar
  • 221-84 AFS PO - Changes in Social Justice Orientation for HDFS Majors Through Service Learning
    By Robert Weisskirch
  • 221-85 AFS PO - Using the Advice of Students to Develop a Bridge to Practicum Curriculum
    By Pam Clary, Jana Frye


Posters: Homelessness

  • 221-87 FF PO - Mothering in Adverse Contexts: How Mothers in a Homeless Shelter Access Community Resource
    By Ann Matthews, Erin Hamel
  • 221-88 FH PO - The Impact of a Housing Program on the Resilience of Homeless Youth
    By Pushpanjali Dashora, Shiva Kiaras

Posters: Families and Education

  • 221-89 RSF PO - Global Family Life Education Through the Radio: A Mixed Method Evaluation of Christian World Radio Family Life Programming
    By Alina Batazar, Rene Drumm, Duane McBride
  • 221-90 RSF PO - A Qualitative Exploration of Family Life Virtues in Religious Families
    By Joe Chelladurai, Loren Marks, David Dollahite

Poster: Intergenerational

  • 221-91 FH PO - Intergenerational Contact and Marital Satisfaction of Adult Children
    By Heejong Choi, Boram Nam, Chulwoong Park
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