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Poster Symposia: Human Sexuality and Self-Esteem; FLE Methodologies to Teach Future Educators; Technology and Families; Emerging Adult Relationships
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About the Session

Poster Symposium: Human Sexuality and Development of Self-Esteem

Facilitator: Miranda Thornton
  • 322-01 EE PO SY - Parenting Education Needs Assessment on Human Sexuality
    By YaeBin Kim
  • 322-02 FF PO SY - How Does Adolescent Sexual Guilt Influence the Development of Self-Esteem Across the Transition to Adulthood?
    By Barrett Scroggs, Ryan Madrigal, Nathaniel Faflick
  • 322-03 RSF PO SY - LGBT Religiosity in Emerging Adulthood: Associations With Well-Being
    By Nathaniel Faflick, Barrett Scroggs
  • 322-04 RT PO SY - A Content Analysis of Hookup Definitions Across the Literature
    By Jacqueline Bible, Kristin Matera, Brad van Eeden-Moorefield

Poster Symposium: Innovative and Creative FLE Methodologies to Teach Tomorrow’s Educators

Facilitator: Bridget Walsh
  • 322-05 EE PO SY - Infographics as a Final Exam: Student and Community Grader Perceptions
    By Meghan Dove
  • 322-06 EE PO SY - Family Life Education Skills: Educating Graduates and Communities
    By Pamela B. Payne
  • 322-07 EE PO SY - Using the Flipped Classroom to Accommodate Group Experiential Learning Projects
    By Alyssa McElwain

Poster Symposium: Technology and Families

Facilitator: Shayne Anderson

  • 322-08 RT PO SY - “A Blessing and a Curse": Grandmothers' Reflections on Digitally Mediated Family Relationships
    By Shannon Hebblethwaite
  • 322-09 RT PO SY - Technoference: Parent Distraction With Technology and Its Impact on Parenting Quality
    By Brandon McDaniel, Jillena Everest, Courtney White
  • 322-10 RT PO SY - Daily Technoference, Technology Use During Couple Leisure Time, and Relationship Satisfaction
    By Brandon McDaniel
  • 322-11 RT PO SY - The Impact of Relationship Commitment on Technology Use During Couple Leisure Time
    By Brandon McDaniel, Isabella Collins

Poster Symposium: Emerging Adult Relationships: Casual, Committed, and Spicing it Up

Facilitator: Spencer B. Olmstead
  • 322-12 PO SY - “Sex is Easier to Get and Love is Harder to Find”: Costs and Rewards of Hooking Up for College Students
    By Kristin M. Anders, Eric Goodcase, Ani Yazedjian, Michelle Toews
  • 322-13 PO SY - Sex and Commitment Among College-Attending and Non-College Emerging Adults
    By Spencer B. Olmstead, Kayley N. Davis, Kevin M. Treadway, Kristin M. Anders
  • 322-14 EE PO SY - What’s the Rush? Exploring Emerging Adults' Beliefs about Commitment in Couple Relationships and Marriage Postponement
    By D. Scott Sibley, Amie Kahovec, Hillary Schraufnagel, Taylor Lupo, Kelli Kohlstedt
  • 322-15 EE PO SY - The Moderating Role of Motivations for Pornography Use Between Frequency of Pornography Use and Sexual Satisfaction
    By Cameron C. Brown, Aaron Norton, Julie Gardenhire, Rachel Flabo

Immigrant Populations, Culture, and Transgenerational Issues

  • 322-16 EM PO - When White Parents Raise Adopted Children of Color: Issues and Research
    By Annamaria Csizmadia, Alexandra Davis
  • 322-17 EM PO - Generativity and Parenting in a Global Context: The Case of Long-Term Immigrants in the U.S.
    By Soo-Bin You, Olena Nesteruk
  • 322-18 EM PO - Raising Haiti: The Childrearing Practices of Second-Generation Haitian Americans
    By Vadricka Etienne
  • 322-19 EM PO - Generational Differences in Remittance Practices of Filipino Americans: A Mixed Methods Investigation
    By Jennifer Bautista, Wendy Reiboldt, Nancy Dayne
  • 322-20 EM PO - Mexican-Origin Couples’ Gender Roles: A Dyadic and Mixed Method Approach
    By Yuliana Rodriguez, Claire Wood, Kaicee Beal, Demi Siskind, Heather Helms, Andrew Supple
  • 322-21 EM PO - Life With Multiple Statuses: Experiences of Married Korean Professional Women With Children in the U.S. and in Korea
    By Youn Mi Lee
  • 322-22 EM PO - The Role of Family Cohesion and Adjustment on Immigrant College Students' Adjustment
    By Neda Moinolmolki, Bethany Willis Hepp
  • 322-23 EM PO - Refugee Families and Preschool Programs: Combined Community Cultural Wealth
    By Rachel Boit, Dana Conlin, Amanda Barnes, Linda Hestenes
  • 322-24 EM PO - Navigating the Complexities of Literacy Support for Refugee Mothers and Their Preschool Children
    By Rachel Boit, Amanda Barnes, Dana Conlin, Linda Hestenes

Immigrant Populations, Culture, and Transgenerational Issues

  • 322-25 EM PO - “The Wind Blows From North to South”: Generativity in Refugee Organizations
    By Danielle Augustine, Denise Lewis

Immigrant Populations, Culture, and Transgenerational Issues

  • 322-26 EM PO - Family Functioning in Chinese Families in Canada: Doing and Undoing Culture
    By Tina Watchman, Deanna Williamson
  • 322-27 EM PO - Entrusting Care on the Margins: Undocumented Latinas’ Search for Child Care
    By Colleen Vesely, Bethany Letiecq, Elizabeth DeMulder, Rachael Goodman, Marlene Marquez, Margot Cabrera
  • 322-28 EM PO - Insider, Outsider, or In-Between? Managing the Self in Research and Practice With Diverse Populations
    By Lekie Dwanyen, Daniel Cooper
  • 322-29 EM PO - Mediating Role of Parenting Self-Efficacy on the Effect of Parenting Beliefs on Fathers’ Involvement
    By Dimple Vadgama, Kamala Ramadoss
  • 322-30 EM PO - Strategies and Interventions to Promote Mental Health Among Racial and Ethnic Minority Refugees
    By Angela Kim, Manijeh Daneshpour
  • (POSTER CANCELLED) 322-31 EM PO - Mass Trauma in the African American Community: Using Multiculturalism to Build Resilient Systems
    By Bryan Range
  • 322-32 EM PO - The Life of a Program in the Community After a Trial  Evaluation: A Participative Dissemination Model
    By Silvia Alvarez de Davila, Ghaffar Ali Hurtado Choque, Isabel Lopez Hurtado
  • 322-33 EM PO - Looking at the Contextual Influences on the Immigration Experiences of Iranian Women to the U.S.
    By Negar Taslimi, Raji Natrajan-Tyagi
  • 322-34 EM PO - Structural Racism and the New Immigrant Family: A Literature Review
    By Sean Jefferson, Sun-A Lee, Mary Sciaraffa
  • 322-36 EM PO - Social Impacts of Chinese Schools on Chinese American Parenting
    By Shan Jiang, Barbara Settles
  • 322-35 EM PO - Short-Term Study Abroad to Australia and New Zealand: What Impact Did the Program Have on Students?
    By Nilufer Medora, Roudi Nazarinia Roy, Vivian Nguyen

Policies That Impact Families

  • 322-37 FP PO - How Do Low-SES Parents Support Their Young Children’s Academic Achievement?
    By Leanne Elliott
  • 322-38 FP PO - The Positive Spillover and Crossover of Paternity Leave Use: A Dyadic Longitudinal Analysis
    By Karen Kramer, Hanjin Bae, Cheong-ah Huh, Sunjin Pak
  • 322-39 FP PO - Rehabilitative Change Among Incarcerated Persons Enrolled in a Prison-Equine Program (PEP): Implications for Reentry Into Family and Community Life
    By Joyce Arditti, Amy Morgan, Sara Spiers
  • 322-40 RT PO - A Systematic 25-Year Review of the Family Stress Model: Impact on Children and Families
    By Jennifer Rose, Ann Mastergeorge, Monica Martin, Melissa Barnett
  • 322-41 FH PO - Risk-Avoidant Versus Comprehensive Curriculums: An Assessment of Northern-Utah Parental Attitudes Regarding Sexual Education
    By Alyson Rasmussen, Laura Pastrana, Pamela Payne, Jeralyn Perkins
  • 322-42 FP PO - Student, Interrupted: Using Nonfiction to Teach Family Policy
    By Melissa Kozak
  • 322-43 FP PO - Parent Perspectives on the PFR Intervention as Part of Early Head Start
    By Gerilyn Slicker, Myae Han, Jason Hustedt, Alison Hooper

Parent-child Relationships

  • 322-44 FP PO - Examining Effectiveness of the Promoting First Relationships Intervention with Parents and Young Children in Home and Center-Based Early Head Start Models
    By Jason Hustedt, Rena Hallam, Alison Hooper, Myae Han, Jennifer Vu, Melissa Ziegler
  • 322-45 RT PO - Intergenerational Discrepancies in Adolescent-Parent Life Goals
    By Marcela Raffaelli, Steve Tran, Hyeyoung Kang, Lorraine Muñoz
  • 322-46 RT PO - Examining Stress Among Low-Income College Student Parents:  A Mixed Methods Study
    By Aryn Dotterer, Audrey Juhasz, Kristin Hall, Su Jung Park, Lisa Boyce

Relationship Education

  • 322-47 EE PO - Keys to Integrating Relationship Education Into Safety-Net Service Delivery Systems
    By Amy Laua Arnold, Kristin Abner, Robyn Cenizal
  • 322-48 EE PO - The Couple and Relationship Education Attitudes Index: Diverse Sample Fit?
    By Andreae McGinnis, Brandon Burr, Dan Hubler, Kaye Sears
  • 322-49 EE PO - Social Cognitions That Influence Couple Relationship Educators' Program Fidelity
    By Vanessa Finnegan, Francesca Adler-Baeder, Christine Totura
  • 322-50 EE PO - Testing the Stress Generation Model: Change in Mental Health Indicators and Change in Couple Functioning in Couple Relationship Education Participants
    By Erin Cooper, Julianne McGill, Francesca Adler-Baeder
  • 322-51 EE PO - Contextual Influences on Male Adolescents' Relationship Education Outcomes
    By Alexander Chan, Kate Taylor Harcourt, Francesca Adler-Baeder
  • 322-52 EE PO - Interactive Technology and Marital Relationships: A Qualitative Study
    By J. Mitchell Vaterlaus, Sarah Tulane, Madison Brown
  • 322-53 EE PO - Impact of Social Capital on Family Relationships for Low-Income Couples in Relationship Education
    By Ryan Carlson, Naomi Wheeler, Xun Liu
  • 322-54 EE PO - Relationship Quality, Consensus, and Context Among Three Homeowner Types
    By Victor Harris, Brian Visconti, Stephanie Toelle
  • 322-55 EE PO - Exploring Who Benefits Most From Relationship Education
    By Dan Lannin, Ani Yazedjian, Leandra Parris
  • 322-56 EE PO - Influencing Factors on Couple Stability: A Systematic Review
    By Kevin Smith


  • 322-57 FF PO - Relational Competence and Relationship Satisfaction in Emerging Adult Adoptees: An Actor-Partner Interdependence Model
    By Krystal Cashen, Harold Grotevant
  • 322-58 FH PO - Relationship Importance, Romantic Involvement, and Emerging Adult Well-Being
    By Nicole Watkins, Jonathon Beckmeyer
  • 322-59 RT PO - Development of the Brief Measure of Relationship Importance
    By Nicole Watkins, Jonathon Beckmeyer
  • 322-60 RT PO - Relationship Quality and Anxiety: Associations With Self-Construal Family-of-Origin Experiences
    By Ommay Safi, Gizem Erdem


  • 322-61 FF PO - A Process Model of Fathering: An Intersectional Approach
    By Sonia Molloy, April Few-Demo
  • 322-62 RT PO - Multidimensionality of Paternal Involvement: Integrating Theory and Research
    By Sonia Molloy, Daniel Singley, Brian Cole, Paul Ingram
  • 322-63 FP PO - What Dads Want: Implications for Programs and Public Policy
    By Sonia Molloy, Theresa Smith, Marisa Madole
  • 322-64 FH PO - Relations Among Paternal Parenting Stress, Marital Satisfaction, Depression, and Children’s Anxiety and Depression
    By Yookyung Lee, Kyongjoo Hong, Sunyoung Park
  • 322-65 RT PO - Instability and Unmarried Nonresident Father Involvement
    By Raymond Petren
  • 322-66 RT PO - The Feelings of Fatherhood: Exploring Fathers' Emotions in Parenting Young Children
    By Kerrie Fanning, Ashleigh Grendziak, Katherine Buttitta, Margaret Kerr
  • 322-67 FP PO - The Missing Link: Exploring How Contextual Factors Influence Father Involvement Among African American Men
    By Clinton Boyd, Jr.
  • 322-68 RT PO - Oxytocin Receptor Gene Methylation Mediates the Link Between Life Stress and Father Involvement
    By Geoffrey Brown, Steven Kogan, Junhan Cho, Peter Attridge


  • 322-69 RT PO - How Have Other Family Journals Compared in LGBT Research to the Top Seven Journals in van Eeden-Moorefield et al.'s Analysis in the Journal of Family Issues?
    By Walter Schumm, Duane Crawford
  • 322-70 FP PO - LGBT Identity: The Relatedness to Out-ness, Community Connection, and Social Justice
    By Joshua Hernandez
  • 322-71 RSF PO - A Bioecological Examination of Influences on Well-Being of LGBT+ Individuals Based on Religious Identity
    By Greta Stuhlsatz, Ashley Taylor, Shane Kavanaugh, Tricia Neppl, Brenda Lohman
  • 322-72 FF PO - Navigating Plurisexual Self-Identity: The Role of Social Support in Plurisexual Persons' Adoption of a Sexual Identifier
    By Alyssa Billington, Andrew Walters


  • 322-73 FF PO - Dating Ideation in Sexually Diverse Populations
    By Ashley Vandenberg, Elias Alexander, Daniel Hubler, Melina Alexander, Rachel Hubler
  • 322-74 RT PO - Helicopter Parenting and College Students' Dating Goals: A Comparative Study
    By Seong Hee Kim, Woosang Hwang, Eunjoo Jung, Hye Lim Sin, Hye Jung Jun


  • 322-75 FF PO - Values and Practices of Feminist Marriage and Family Therapists Within Mental Healthcare Structures
    By Joy Heafner
  • 322-76 FF PO - Understanding People With Sexual Interests in Children: Exploring Effective Therapeutic Interventions and Moral Concerns
    By Vi Pham


  • 322-78 FF PO - Gender, Religious, and Political Ideologies Among Three-Generation Families
    By Casey Gamboni, Elizabeth Watters, Kayla Reed-Fitzke
  • 322-79 FF PO - That Is the Most Important Thing, That She Is Happy: Resilient Parenting of a Transgender Young Adult
    By Samuel Allen, Jenifer McGuire

The Intersection of Gun Violence and Mental Health: Reframing the Policy Dialogue

  • 322-79A FP PO - Families, Gun Violence, and Mental Health: Decentering the Narratives and the Need for Political Intervention
    By Samuel H. Allen, Elaine A. Anderson
  • 322-79B FP PO - The Brady Act and Mental Health Reporting Regulations: A Family Health Impact Analysis
    By Deirdre A. Quinn


  • 322-80 FF PO - A Systemic Review of Communication Regarding Voluntary Childlessness
    By Rachel Jumper, Jennifer Newquist
  • 322-81 RT PO - Parental Weight Stigma and Its Role in Parent-Child Communication About Weight
    By Ellen Pudney, Mary Himmelstein, Rebecca Puhl

Students and Their Identity in HDFS

  • 322-83 AFS PO - Leading to Reflection: Empowering Students to Understand Their Learning Potential
    By Jacqueline Schwab, Robin Yaure, Elise Murowchick
  • 322-84 AFS PO - Identity Development and University Adjustment
    By Meghan Yerhot
  • 322-85 AFS PO - All Who Wander Are Not Lost: How and Why College Students Declare HDFS as a Major
    By Anthony Walker, Chun Creaser, Jessica Jones, Emily Taylor, Ashton Henderson, Tatianna Stephney, Brittany Chess, Joshua McCoon, Emily Domina
  • 322-86 AFS PO - “Follow Your Dreams and Know Who You Are”: HDFS Alumni Look Back
    By Kathleen Walker, Maureen Blankemeyer, Gwendolyn West

Trauma and Violence

  • 322-87 IN PO - Female Survivors of Gender Violence in Latin America: The Role of Self-Criticism, Guilt, and Gender Role Beliefs in Development of Psychological Symptoms
    By Karen Ripoll-Nuñez, Iona Naismith
  • 322-88 IN PO - The Struggle to Take Their Lives Back: Colombian Women and Gender Violence
    By Karen Ripoll-Núñez, Iona Naismith
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