Sopa to ถั่ว (T̄hạ̀w) [Soup to Nuts]: Designing, Implementing, and Assessing Study Abroad for Family Science Programs

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Julie Leventhal, Hope Garcia, Sharon M. Ballard, Sandy Lookabaugh, Jennifer E. Greiving, Ruben Anguiano, Catherine Solheim, Robin G. Yaure, Debra L. Berke, Robert Reyes

Discussant: Alan Taylor; Chair: Robin G. Yaure

8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Pacific Salon 1
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About the Session

  • 108-01 - Study Abroad Objectives: Connecting Outcomes With Practice While Abroad
    By Julie Leventhal, Hope Garcia
  • 108-02 - Nuts and Bolts of Getting a Study Abroad Tour Off the Ground
    By Sharon M. Ballard, Sandy Lookabaugh
  • 108-03 - Conexiones and สัมพันธ์ : Developing Effective International Community Partnerships for Study Abroad Programs
    By Jennifer E. Greiving, Ruben Anguiano, Catherine Solheim
  • 108-04 - Assessing Intercultural Competency and Student Learning in Three Family Science Study Abroad Programs
    By Robin G. Yaure, Debra L. Berke, Robert Reyes


This symposium is designed for those who are considering starting a study abroad course or program as well as those who have significant experience with one. As the first part of our title (Sopa to ถั่ว (T̄hạ̀w) [Soup to Nuts] suggests, we will be presenting on how to begin the planning process through the assessment and scholarship of the outcomes. The presenters will focus on family science-specific study abroad programs, describing objectives, logistical challenges, collaborating with local human service agencies abroad, rubrics and formative and summative assessment methods, and integrating research techniques within study abroad programs.


To describe the processes involved in developing family science-based study abroad programsTo explain how to ground family-science based study abroad programs within theoretical and empirical frameworksTo provide examples of objectives and assessment methods regarding study abroad programs

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