TCRM: Identity

TCRM Paper Session 5

Brooke McQuerry Tuttle, Sarah Butterbaugh, Nathan Wood

Discussant: Joe Grzywacz

Presider: Tara Wyatt


2:15 PM
4:00 PM
Royal Palm 2
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Conceptualization of Command Presence Carryover

Brooke McQuerry Tuttle, Ph.D. Student, is Project Coordinator for the Center for Family Resilience at Oklahoma State University. Her M.S. degree is in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Missouri

This working paper seeks to propose Command Presence Carryover as a theoretical lens from which to view the relationship between law enforcement officer emotion suppression and family emotional climate for police families. Integration of elements from symbolic interactionism framework and spillover theory will be used toward the development of Command Presence Carryover. This proposed conceptualization seeks to explain how officer mindset and identity transfer from work life to home life. Impression management in the line of duty, characterized by emotion suppression, may be carried into the family domain due to role salience and thereby influence the family emotion climate.

Female Identity Development: The Integration of Identity, Intimacy, and Attachment

Sarah Butterbaugh, M.A., is a Teaching Assistant, University of Kentucky. Her Master’s Degree is in Marriage and Family Therapy from Asbury Theological Seminary. Nathan Wood, Ph.D., LMFT, is an Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky. His doctorate is in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University.

A key issue in the identity field includes an absence of research on the developmental patterns of identity into adulthood, especially female identity. In order to better explain the developmental process of women, we make the argument that Erik Erikson’s stages of identity and intimacy should be collapsed into a single stage, Relational Identity, while overlaying constructs from attachment theory. We propose that collapsing the stages into a single stage while infusing attachment theory allows for greater insight into women’s identity development as well as testable hypotheses.

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