Understanding the Challenges of Keeping Family Bonds in Global Migration and Transnational Families: A Theoretical and Methodological Analysis

Concurrent Sessions 4

Catherine Solheim, Maria de Guzman, Barbara H. Settles, Kieu Anh Do, Yan Xia

Discussant: Yan Xia; Chair: Mark Hutter

4:45 PM
6:00 PM
Pacific Salon 2
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About the Session

  • 149-01 - Complexities of Transnational Family Experiences
    By Catherine Solheim
  • 149-02 - Filipino Migrants and the Remaking of Family in the Context of Distance
    By Maria de Guzman
  • 149-03 - Today’s Ethical Responsibilities in Studying Migration, Relocation and Resettlement of Individuals and Families
    By Barbara H. Settles
  • 149-04 - Theoretical Foundation for Research and Practice with Refugee Communities
    By Kieu Anh Do, Yan Xia


Families around the world are in flux due to major social, economic, and political instabilities, resulting in increasing numbers of transnational families. How these families navigate their relational ties across distance are complex, and researchers who study these phenomena face additional challenges. The symposium focuses on issues that researchers confront in investigating the processes of migration, relocation, and resettlement, and their impact on migrating families in host countries and in countries of origin. Five experienced scholars, including the discussant, will discuss the complexities of transnational families, theoretical and methodological barriers, and innovative approaches through concrete examples of their research.  


Attendees will be able to:Recognize the complexity of keeping family bonds of global migrant and transnational familiesReview the challenges in studying global migrant and transnational familiesEngage in a discussion about the conceptualization and innovative methods through examples

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