2019 NCFR Affiliate Councils Workshops

Student and State/Regional Workshops Planned | Proposals Due March 4, 2019

Sharing ideas, giving support and combining resources are a few of the services of the Affiliate Councils (AC; NCFR's local chapters). Strong student affiliates and state/ regional affiliates are necessary for the long-term viability of NCFR. In many ways, AC helps build the interconnection between the national and the local/state/regional levels.

Submitting to AC highlights important affiliate-level research and practice, and aids in the exchange of ideas and resources with others across the nation. AC welcomes proposals which address important issues related to affiliate successes and managing challenges.

The AC will host two workshops: one exclusively for student affiliate councils and the other for state/regional councils.

Proposals will be accepted from both student and state/regional affiliate councils. Both 2019 AC workshops will feature roundtable presentations.

Proposals are due April 8, 2019, 11:59 p.m. PST. Email your proposal to Bethany Cox, NCFR's director of member relations.

Affiliate members are encouraged to submit one or more proposals for roundtable discussion that highlight top areas in which their affiliate is doing well. The goal is for councils to identify their strengths and showcase their successes in a unique way at their accepted roundtable. Discussion with members of other affiliates across the country will be a priority at the conference.

Specific workshop topics to consider include the following:

  • recruitment and retention of members;
  • service projects and involvement;
  • annual conferences;
  • fundraising ideas and accomplishments;
  • strategies for meeting with policymakers and providing education;
  • marketing and social media outreach strategies;
  • leadership; and
  • community engagement.

Whether submitting roundtables for the student affiliate or the state/regional affiliate workshop, include the following information in your proposals:

  1. Full proposal title and presenter information (i.e., name, credentials, affiliation, and email). While the presentation may be individually authored, it must be affiliate-based.
  2. Whether you are submitting to the student affiliate workshop or the state/ regional workshop.
  3. Short abstract (maximum 100 words)
  4. Full summary of the roundtable proposal (maximum 1,000 words) for peer review. All documents must be in PDF format and should:
    1. Provide a brief background of the proposing affiliate council.
    2. Explain the significance of the considered topic and what the affiliate council is doing that would be beneficial for other affiliate councils.
    3. Include innovative methods, tools, concepts, and approaches for engaging participants with the topic.
  5. Email your proposal by April 8, 2019, 11:59 p.m. PST, to Bethany CoxNCFR’s director of member relations.

Authors of accepted roundtables will be required to bring any materials needed for their roundtable to their assigned workshop.

With questions about the nature of proposals, please email Brandon K. Burr, Affiliate Councils Conference Program Chair, University of Central Oklahoma, Department of Human Environmental Sciences.