Welcome to the 2019 NCFR Conference App!

Download Free App for Apple or Android

You can also go to your Apple App or Google Play Store and search for Eventsential.

To Get Started:

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  1. Go to https://app.ncfr.org on your iOS or Android device or search in your app store for "Eventsential."

  2. Install the Eventsential app.

  3. Once you open the app, search for NCFR, and scroll to select the NCFR 2019 conference.

  4. To access all of the app features, create an account or log in to the app.

  5. Use the app menu to customize your experience, located along the bottom of the screen (iPhone) or the top left hand menu (Android).

App Features:

  • Design your own schedule, and synchronize your agenda across devices
  • Search and filter the session listings to find sessions of interest
  • Receive notifications from NCFR about the conference
  • Take notes and post comments on sessions
  • Have conversations with fellow conference attendees
  • Search for conference participants and attendees
  • Access conference info including maps, live stream, continuing education, and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How can I find sessions?

    The easiest way is to tap "Schedule", tap "All", then tap "Search" and type what you're looking for. It could be a presenter's name, keyword, topic, session #, etc. You can also tap the "Filter" button to filter the results by Day, Session Type, Session Focus, and/or Section.

    Another option is to start in the Participants directory, find a person of interest, and tap on their name to view all of the sessions they're participating in.

  2. How do I add a session to My Schedule?

    After selecting an individual session, click the check mark in the top right to add it directly to your personal schedule.


  3. Can I use the app to contact another attendee?

    Yes! After creating an Eventsential account, you can use the app to directly message another attendee using the app. Find the user in the Attendees list, select their name and click the message button. (Please note users must also have an Eventsential account to receive a message).

  4. What's the Timeline?

    A place where attendees can post comments and photos and comment on others’ photos or comments.

  5. How do I create an account?

    Tap the "More" button ("Get Started" on Android), then Account.

    If you've already created an Eventsential account, tap "I have an account!" and log in. Otherwise, tap "Get Started" and complete the form to create your account.

  6. Can I access the app without a mobile device?

    Yes, by visiting https://app.ncfr.org from a computer. Not all of the features are available on this web-based version, but it can be a good way to search sessions and build your schedule. Note that you will need to be logged in to do this — and subsequently log in on the app to sync your schedule.

  7. Can I still use the app if I don’t have access to Wi-Fi or a cellular network?

    Yes! The app will work “offline” by displaying content from the last time the app was open and connected to the Internet. After offline use, the app will update automatically the next time your device connects to the Internet.