027: A Methodological Exploration Combining Reflexive Narratives and Autoethnography in an IPV Study

Maya Autret; Fatimah Turner; Kencia Mele; Brad van Eeden-Moorefield He/Him/His; Lyndal Khaw; Kani Diop

10:00 AM
1:00 PM
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TCRM Methods Workshop 1 - (Conference Attendance Credit: #3 hr)

Workshop Leaders: Maya Autret, Fatimah Turner, Kencia Mele, Brad van Eeden-Moorefield, Lyndal Khaw

Moderator: Kani Diop

This paper examines a methodological approach coupling autoethnography and a reflexive narrative writing and reading process applied by three PhD students exploring relationships between adult children and their parents in the IPV context. The authors provide a detailed account of the study design and their experiences applying this method. Challenges and benefits are discussed, which can be useful to other researchers and practitioners, particularly those working on such sensitive issues as IPV. Of note is the safe space and multiple perspectives this approach enables in sharing, examining, and gaining insights in their triple roles as researchers, peers, and fellow victims.

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