029: Research Methodologies Pertaining to Families Experiencing Abuse and Neglect

Brittany Paige Mihalec-Adkins; Kyndra C. Cleveland; Kelly Munly; Katherine Allen; Karen A. Roberto; Kevin Roy; Erin Lavender-Stott; Daniel Puhlman

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2:45 PM
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TCRM Paper Session 1 - (Conference Attendance Credit: #1 hr)

029-01: Conceptualizing, Defining, and Measuring Parent Engagement in the Context of the Child Welfare System
Brittany P. Mihalec-Adams, Kyndra C. Cleveland

Parent engagement has emerged as a critical construct in the context of child welfare system (CWS) interventions -- for researchers and practitioners alike. However, both domains operate with many inconsistent and even incompatible definitions and assessments of parent engagement -- stunting our empirical understanding and hindering the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of evidence-based practices for our nation's most vulnerable families. This paper will present results from a scoping review of extant research, discuss the many unique methodological complications and resulting consequences, and offer methodological guidance for both clarifying the scientific literature and improving messaging to CWS practitioners.

029-02: Engaging Critical Race Theory to Inform the Methodology of Adult Foster Care Research
Kelly Munly, Katherine R. Allen, Karen A. Roberto

I propose to engage critical race theory and critical race consciousness in the consideration of best methodology to represent the experiences of Adult Foster Care (AFC) providers, as well as to support them as activists in a care context. AFC providers have leverage at their location at the nexus between institutions and care receivers, and as activists may improve contexts for 1) care receivers, 2) themselves as care workers, and 3) the overall care culture. Method makes the difference for AFC providers to be heard and respected as changers of care culture as well as nurturers of those needing care.

Discussants: Kevin Roy, Erin Lavender-Stott

Moderator: Daniel Puhlman

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