031: Workshop: Ask the Editors: Tips For Publishing in NCFR Journals

Mark Fine; Wendy Middlemiss; Kristi Williams; Liana Sayer; Robyn Moore; Layne Amerikaner; Lauren Eaton; He Xiao; Jessica Barselow
2:00 PM
3:15 PM
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Special Session
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Students and New Professionals
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About the Session

Special Session

Presenters: Mark Fine, Ph.D., Journal of Family Theory & Review Editor; Wendy Middlemiss, Ph.D., Family Relations Editor; Liana C. Sayer, Ph.D., Journal of Marriage and Family Editor (in-coming); Robyn Moore, Journal of Marriage and Family Graduate Assistant; Layne Amerikaner, Journal of Marriage and Family Editorial Assistant; Lauren Eaton, Family Relations Editorial Assistant; He Xiao, Family Relations Editorial Assistant; Jessica Barselow, Journal of Family Theory & Review Editorial Assistant

Facilitator: Kristi Williams, Journal of Marriage and Family Editor (out-going)

In this session, Editors from each of NCFR’s journals—Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science, Journal of Family Theory & Review, and Journal of Marriage and Family—will provide tips for publishing in each journal. Attending this workshop will help you determine which journal is best for your research. You will hear from the Editors themselves, as well as their editorial assistants. Time will be provided to ask the Editors questions. Come learn tips to increase your chances of publishing in one of NCFR’s journals.


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