103: Preparing Students For a Changing World: Reimagining HDFS Curricula to Attract, Support, and Prepare Undergraduate Students

Shannon Corkery; Jennifer Zosh; Michael Sturm; Robin G. Yaure; Hobart Cleveland; Janet Melnick

10:00 AM
11:15 AM
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Interactive Workshop
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  • Advancing Family Science
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About the Session

Concurrent Sessions 1 - (NBCC CE Credit: #1 hr and Conference Attendance Credit: #1 hr)

Workshop Leaders: Shannon Corkery, Jennifer Zosh, Michael Sturm, Janet Melnick, Robin Yaure, Hobart Cleveland

Human development and family science undergraduate programs face challenges in recruiting, preparing, and supporting students for 21st century careers. This interactive workshop led by members of Penn State's HDFS Undergraduate Taskforce will begin with our team detailing our process of systematically looking at student and professional perceptions of and experiences with our undergraduate program. Then, we will share conclusions of our evaluation-- including future priorities to orient the curriculum to maximize engaged learning, career exploration, and concrete skill-building. Next, we will lead a discussion with the goal of organizing information on the challenges HDFS (or similar) programs confront when considering how to modify curricula to meet changing needs. We invite those leading or working in similar or related undergraduate programs to attend our collective brainstorm - and encourage sharing of knowledge, challenges, and strategies in the collective effort to move forward and best position our programs and students for success.

-- To introduce attendees to a large-scale curriculum re-development process which includes data collection and coordination of multiple campus programs.
-- To connect attendees with others focused on the future of, sustainability, and workforce relevance of undergraduate human development and family studies education.
-- To explore questions and information to help inform program undergraduate leaders might approach evaluation and re-imagination curricula and programs and determine future goals.

Subject Codes: education
Population Codes: undergraduate students
Method and Approach Codes: administrative, curriculum development, educational

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