105: Love and Limits: Filling the Parental Toolbox

Cathy Hockaday; AnaMaria Diaz Martinez; Barbara Beaulieu; Ellen Taner
10:00 AM
11:15 AM
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Concurrent Sessions 1 - (NBCC CE Credit: #1 hr and Conference Attendance Credit: #1 hr)

105-01: At the Heart of the Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14
Cathy Hockaday

105-02: Washington: A State of Adaptations
AnaMaria Diaz Martinez

105-03: Indiana: A State of Expansion
Barbara Beaulieu

Chair/Discussant: Ellen Taner 


Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 (SFP 10-14) is a globally implemented, evidence-based, family-based prevention program. SFP 10-14 is a parent, youth, and family skills-building program designed to strengthen parenting skills, build family strengths, and prevent teen substance abuse and other behavior problems. This universal program has served as a parenting education program, a life skills/character building program as well as a substance abuse prevention program for youth. The tools taught in the program have long lasting impact (14 years post program) as proven by statistically significant outcomes in 3 randomized control trials. In addition to introducing the audience to the globally recognized program, this symposium will highlight 2 states' efforts to broadly disseminate the program.

-- to understand the topics of the 7 weeks of parent, youth, and family sessions and the decades of research behind the evidence-based program

Subject Codes: parent-child relationships, family relations, risky behaviors
Population Codes: adolescence, non-clinical practitioners, cross-cultural
Method and Approach Codes: evidence-based practice/programs, parenting education, prevention


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