112: INVITED PRESENTER SYMPOSIUM: “Alt-Ac:” Navigating the Non-Academic and Hidden Job Markets

Mindy E. Scott; Ahlishia Shipley, PhD, CFLE; Cagla Giray; Robyn Cenizal; Kale Monk; Erin Lavender-Stott
11:30 AM
12:45 PM
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Invited Symposium
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Students and New Professionals
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About the Session

Concurrent Sessions 2 - (NBCC CE Credit: #1 hr and Conference Attendance Credit: #1 hr)

Organized and Made Possible by the Students and New Professionals

Panel: Mindy Scott Ph.D., Child Trends; Ahlishia Shipley, Ph.D., AJS Relationship Strategies, L.L.C., formerly USDA; Cagla Giray, Policy Associate, Research-to-Policy Collaboration; Robyn Cenizal, B.S., National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families

Discussants: J. Kale Monk, Ph.D., University of Missouri; and Erin S. Lavender-Stott, Ph.D., South Dakota State University


Not all NCFR student members will end up in a tenure-track academic position for reasons including a lack of desire to remain in academia. Therefore, it is imperative to provide resources for students to secure academic positions, and how to search, apply, and obtain non-academic positions. This workshop convenes a panel of leaders in non-academic positions to discuss exemplar non-academic job positions (e.g., job descriptions, responsibilities), how to locate opportunities, recommendations for interviews, and how to increase your chances of securing an offer. The panel will begin with a preplanned overview from panel members (i.e., introductions) and a Q&A led by a discussant (40 min) to introduce key information about the "alt-ac" job market, followed by an audience Q&A (35min).

-- Alternative options to professorial/academic jobs
-- Networking and locating non-academic positions
-- Navigating the "alt ac" job market (e.g., applying, interviewing, negotiating)

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