118: Adaptation Research in Attachment-Based Family Therapy

Jody Russon; Bora Jin; Julian Baudinet; Katie Heiden-Rootes

11:30 AM
12:45 PM
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Concurrent Sessions 2(NBCC CE Credit: #1 hr and Conference Attendance Credit: #1 hr)

118-01: Affirmative Attachment-Based Family Therapy For Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth
Jody Russon, Suzanne Levy, Guy Diamond

118-02: Attachment-Based Family Therapy For Korean Families
Bora Jin, Jody Russon, Suzanne Levy, Guy Diamond

118-03: Attachment-Based Family Therapy and Eating Disorders
Julian Baudinet, Keren Smith, Helen Wilde, Dianne Russell

Discussant/Chair: Katie Heiden-Rootes

Tremendous scientific efforts have been devoted to developing treatments that target empirically-defined risk factors for specific psychiatric disorders among youth. This goal has sharpened our clinical thinking and technology for treating the core mechanisms purported to promote specific psychopathologies. Less attention, however, has been given to adapting these well-developed models for diverse families and presenting problems. This symposium will present several ways in which one family therapy model, attachment-based family therapy, has been adapted to the needs of families with diverse presenting problems and cultural backgrounds. Papers highlighting three new areas of ABFT adaptation research will be presented by a group of international, scholar-clinicians. Implications for the global dissemination of empirically-supported, family therapy approaches will be discussed.

-- To describe how the clinical tenants of ABFT may be applicable to diverse populations and presenting problems
-- To summarize the evidence supporting the adaptability of ABFT
-- To evaluate the treatment modifications developed to adapt ABFT for specific populations, across three different countries

Subject Codes: translational, diversity, mental health
Population Codes: adolescence, cross-cultural, international (Non-U.S.)
Method and Approach Codes: evidence-based practice/programs, family therapy, diversity


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