202-04: On the Integration of Community and Cultural Engagement Experiences Into Undergraduate Classes: Reflections and Lessons Learned

Patrick Cheek; Jen Reinke; Catherine A. Solheim

10:00 AM
11:15 AM
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Resource Exchange
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About the Session

202: AFS/EE Section Resource Exchange Roundtables - (Conference Attendance Credit: #1 hr)

Concurrent Sessions 4

Presenter: Patrick Cheek, Jennifer Reinke, Catherine Solheim

Volunteer work, community engagement, and cross-cultural immersion are often considered formative experiences for undergraduate students. These engagement opportunities have seen greater attention in both research and in teaching. Many family scholars believe these opportunities are not only integral to students' psychosocial development, but also provide a comparative career advantage. The goal of this roundtable resource exchange is to share multiple applications of community engagement and cross-cultural experiences infused into undergraduate family science curricula. We present tools such as rubrics and ways to think about various levels of engagement, in addition to sharing our own reflections on the successes and challenges embedded in implementing civic learning into a variety of courses.

-- Present instructor reflections on the joys and challenges of implementing community and cross-cultural experiences in undergraduate family science curricula.
-- Share educational resources on implementing community and cross-cultural experiences in college courses.
-- Discuss the various recommendations and best practices around the "how to" of implementing community and cross-cultural experiences into college courses.

Subject Codes: education, diversity, study abroad
Population Codes: undergraduate students, educators, cross-cultural
Method and Approach Codes: cross-cultural, curriculum development, Family Science

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