202-05: Teaching Resiliency Building Practices Through Experiential Learning

Tony Faber; Eugene Chin

10:00 AM
11:15 AM
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Resource Exchange
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  • Practice
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  • Advancing Family Science
  • Education & Enrichment
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About the Session

202: AFS/EE Section Resource Exchange Roundtables - (Conference Attendance Credit: #1 hr)

Concurrent Sessions 4

Presenters: Tony Faber, Eugene Chin

The aim of this presentation is to share an innovative experiential learning approach to teaching and training individuals on evidence based resiliency practices in relation to trauma. Within the presentation, the rational for the approach will be provided along with a description and handouts discussing the various experiential learning activities utilized. A discussion will follow centered around the sharing of other experiential learning activities related to teaching about trauma and resiliency based practices.

-- To demonstrate specific curricula related to teaching evidence based resiliency practices
-- To provide tangible resources to participants
-- To facilitate a discussion around other creative ways to teach resiliency based practices

Subject Codes: education, resilience, trauma
Population Codes: emerging/young adulthood, undergraduate students, diverse but not representative
Method and Approach Codes: curriculum development, educational, resilience

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Conference Session