211: INVITED PRESENTER SYMPOSIUM: Finding and Securing Jobs in Academia: Post Doc Positions, Tenure and Non-Tenure Track Options

Niyantri Ravindran; Jeremy Kanter; Melissa Herzog; Katie M. Barrow; C. Rebecca Oldham; Kale Monk; Erin Lavender-Stott
11:30 AM
12:45 PM
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Invited Symposium
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Students and New Professionals
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About the Session

Concurrent Sessions 5 - (NBCC CE Credit: #1 hr and Conference Attendance Credit: #1 hr)

Made Possible by the Students and New Professionals

Presenters: Niyantri Ravindran, Ph.D., Texas Tech University; Jeremy B. Kanter. Ph.D., University of Tennessee; Melissa Herzog, Ph.D., University of Missouri; Katie Barrow, Ph.D., Louisiana State University; Rebecca Oldham, Ph.D., Middle Tennessee State University

Discussants: J. Kale Monk, Ph.D., University of Missouri; and Erin S. Lavender-Stott, Ph.D., South Dakota State University

Many students and new professionals are interested in academic positions. Typically, there are opportunities to learn about tenure-track positions from faculty advisors or mentors in our departments, however, there is considerably less information about how to secure other types of positions. This panel will discuss where to search for, and provide suggestions for securing a variety of academic positions (e.g., post-docs, non-tenure track and tenure-track faculty) at different types of institutions (e.g., research and teaching focused).

-- Searching for a variety of academic job opportunities
-- Distinguishing between different types of positions in order to determine fit (e.g., non-tenure-track vs. tenure-track professorships)
-- Distinguishing between different types of institutional settings (e.g., teaching-focused, research-focused, or "mixed" institutions); and Tips and tricks to navigating the academic job market

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