NCFR 2020 Annual Conference Files Submission

Deadline to Upload: Friday, Oct. 23

Please read the following instructions in order to prep your files before uploading them.

All video files should be in MP4 format. ALL other files should be PDF FORMAT. 

Files should be named using this format: [Session #] - [Designation] - [Presentation Title]

  • Session #: If you don't already know it, you can find your session number in the program.
  • Designation examples include "Handout", "Slides", "Poster", "Video".
  • Presentation Title: Use a shortened version -- enough so that we can properly identify it.

For example, if you are submitting a poster for the session 433-257 titled "Longitudinal Associations Between Parenting Stress, Depression, and Parent Phone and Mobile Device Use", it would be a PDF with the file name 433-257 - Poster - Longitudinal Associations Between Parenting Stress.

The deadline for uploading is October 23. The files you upload will be made available to attendees on the conference platform. Please ensure your files are ready before uploading, and only submit the final version of your files. 

Upload Files

Need help? Email us: [email protected]