2021 NCFR Conference Call for Proposals

Deadline Extended to March 8, 2021

Update, August 30, 2021: The Late-Breaker Poster Session will be postponed until the 2022 conference. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The March 8 deadline to submit proposals for the 2021 NCFR Annual Conference has passed. The submission system is closed. The call for proposals and details about submitting are still available below.

Proposals are still being accepted for the Theory Construction and Research Methodology (TCRM) Preconference Workshop. The deadline for submissions has been extended to March 22, 2021.

Due to current pandemic conditions, NCFR is planning at this time to host a virtual conference for 2021. Read more.

Read about the 2021 theme from Conference Program Chair Tammy L. Henderson, Ph.D., CFLE


The Call for Proposals

Please download and read through the full call for proposals below for details on conference presentation formats, criteria, topics, and more.

2021 NCFR Conference Call for Proposals (PDF)

Please note: if you submitted a proposal to NCFR 2020, your email login is already in the submission database. You can reset your password if you have forgotten it. 

Two submission opportunities have separate submission systems/processes. Please see the following links:

The Submission Process

The online system for submitting conference proposals will open soon. The deadline for proposals has been extended to March 8, 2021 — 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

NCFR invites family scholars and practitioners from across all disciplines and career levels to submit proposals for papers, posters, symposia, and more.

NCFR also invites proposals for interactive paper sessions and interactive workshops (introduced in 2020). These sessions offer enhanced opportunities to interact and dialogue with participants during the session. Proposals do not necessarily need to be part of a symposium.

Detailed written instructions available for PDF download provide a thorough understanding of the submission process. The video below also provides an overview of the process. While you watch the video, have the written instructions available to answer any questions you might have.

Instructions for Submitting a Proposal (PDF)

Webcasts on Submitting a Proposal

This webcast was recorded in 2020. There are only a few differences for the 2021 submission process, listed as follows:

  1. The year will say 2021 rather than 2020.
  2. If you submitted a proposal to the 2018, 2019, or 2020 NCFR Annual Conferences, your name is already in the Oxford database.
  3. A question was added in the Author section after Highest Degree Earned for all authors and co-authors that reads:
    • Attending the 2021 NCFR Annual Conference? There is a dropdown menu with answers of yes, no, or unsure.
  4. Short abstracts may be up to 150 words rather than 125 words.
  5. A question was added after the Method and Approach Codes that reads:
    • Identify Specific Theories Not Listed in Methods/Approach Codes. This question will help match reviewers with expertise in the theories you list in your proposal.
  6. A question was added after the Method and Approach Codes that reads:
    • Select Focus Groups in Which You Are a Member. This question will help match proposals with reviewer.
  7. The reviewer time frame is March 16 through April 1, 2021.

Before you view this webcast, please download the written instructions for submitting a proposal provided above. Submit your proposal here.

If you have questions, please contact Cindy Winter [email protected]

More Videos:

Understanding NCFR Conference Session Formats

Reviewing NCFR Conference Proposals


Proposal Mentoring Program

NCFR offers a conference proposal mentoring program. We have assembled a cadre of experienced presenters who are willing to volunteer their time to help you with your proposal. To participate, email a draft proposal to Cindy Winter before Feb. 15, 2021. We will match you with a supportive mentor who will give you feedback before you submit your proposal online.


2021 Theory Construction and Research Methodology (TCRM) Workshop

Scholars are invited to submit theoretical or methodological proposals that would be of interest to both basic and applied researchers for the Theory Construction and Research Methodology (TCRM) Workshop, held immediately preceding the 2021 NCFR Annual Conference, on Nov. 3-5, 2021, in Baltimore, Maryland.

The deadline for TCRM submissions is March 22, 2021, 11:59 p.m. PST. Please note this is a different submission process than proposals for the NCFR Conference. Learn more and submit a proposal.


Conference Proposal Reviewers

Thank you to all the NCFR members who signed up to review proposals. are sought to serve as conference proposal reviewers. Assigned reviewers will be notified on March 16, 2021, by email from Oxford Abstracts (Set the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] as safe senders). At that time a file with explicit instructions for reviewing will be attached to the email. See more info about proposal reviews.