2021 Instructions for Facilitators, Moderators, Chairs, and Discussants

Facilitator and Presider Instructions

Discussant Instructions

Presenter Instructions


General Descriptions for Facilitators, Moderators, Chairs, Presiders and Discussants


In some sessions, session chairs will be responsible for running the session and facilitating the discussion, particularly with symposiums. Chairs will act as the facilitator or moderator if there isn’t a separate person filling these roles. If a facilitator is scheduled for the session, the chair will introduce the session and presenters.


The discussant gives a 5-minute "take-home" message after the presentations integrating information presented and pushing the message forward. For example, describe how the papers are connected, issues for elaboration and discussion, implications for research, practice, or policy. Watch How to Become an Effective Discussant at www.ncfr.org/events/understanding-ncfr-conference-session-formats#discussant


Specific instruction for facilitators can be found above. Facilitators are responsible for introducing the presenters and facilitating the discussion. Facilitators should prepare in advance 1 to 2 questions that can initiate a discussion between the presenters and the audience. Facilitators should receive all papers in advance in order to prep for the session. Watch General Tips For Facilitators for general instructions at www.ncfr.org/events/understanding-ncfr-conference-session-formats#discussant


Moderator will follow the same instructions as facilitators noted above. They will run the session and facilitate the discussion. Moderators are often used during panel presentations and are responsible for asking panelists pre-established questions. Facilitators are not included in sessions with moderators.


Presiders have two responsibilities: they are time keepers and chat monitors. As a time keeper, presiders ensure the session moves in a timely manner and that all presenters get an equal time to present. As the chat monitor, presiders will monitor the chat box for questions and can take notes as needed through the session. Presiders should work with the facilitator to run the session.