Discussant Preparation and Expectations

Download a PDF of these instructions 

The discussant presents a 5-minute "take-home" message after all presentations are complete. Do not use this time as a place to present your own ideas or research. Instead, discuss how the papers are connected, issues for elaboration and discussion, implications of the research, etc. 

  • Read the material obtained from each paper presenter before the conference. If you have not received the material from the presenter by Oct. 12, contact Cindy Winter ([email protected]) to obtain this information.
  • Prepare an outline ahead of time about each presentation.  
  • Prepare one to three implications for how attendees can use the research presented. 
  • If there is not a separate facilitator or chair at your session, prepare a 1-minute introduction of all the presenters. Be concise. You may be asked to facilitate questions and discussion too.