108: So You Want to Study Media Use in Families? Best Practices for Media Research

Brandon T. McDaniel; Benjamin Burke; Jessica Pater; I. Joyce Chang; Melissa Yang
10:00 AM
01:00 PM
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Theory Construction and Research Methodology Methods (TCRM) Workshop 3

Authors: Brandon McDaniel, Benjamin Burke, Jessica Pater, I. Joyce Chang

Presider: Melissa M. Yang

To better understand technology use as a critical component of individuals’ and families’ lives, researchers need to go beyond assessments of the amount of screen time and self-reports. In this workshop, we will explore practical considerations in designing studies to assess the complexity of media use and its meaning for individuals and families. The goals of this workshop are to (1) familiarize participants with methods for moving beyond self-reports of screen time and to (2) provide participants with the conceptual and methodological understanding they need to begin to design their own studies on media use.

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