109: Masculinity, #MeToo, Feminism, and Genderqueer: Theorizing Gender in a Gender Expansive World

Kari Adamsons; Shannon Weaver; Raymond Petren; Jennifer Randles; Kevin Shafer

10:00 AM
01:00 PM
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Theory Construction and Research Methodology Methods (TCRM) Workshop 4

Authors: Kari Adamsons, Shannon Weaver, Raymond Petren, Jennifer Randles

Presider: Kevin Shafer

Extensive literature and entire theories have been devoted to the influence of gender on individuals’ experiences and daily lives; however, much of it rests on and emphasizes a gender binary that, especially in recent years, has been called into question. Using a both/and approach, this workshop seeks to explore the ways in which theories such as identity theory, feminist theories, and queer theory (as well as others) can better reflect the increased complexity of the gender-expansive world in which individuals and families now function, and at the same time, recognize the continued influence of “traditional” gender binaries. 

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