114: Race and Race Relations

Leslie A. Anderson, Ph.D, LMFT; Cecelia Samuels
11:45 AM
01:00 PM
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Poster Session
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Advancing Family Science
Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families
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About the Session

Interactive Poster Sessions have a NEW LIVE INTERACTIVE approach this year to allow for more engagement between presenters and attendees. Posters listed below are included in this session. Each poster presenter will have 3 minutes to present an overview of their poster at the beginning of this session. Following all individual poster overviews, each poster presenter will move to a breakout room where attendees can have live discussions with the presenters (approximately 45 minutes). Attendees can move in and out of the breakout rooms to talk with presenters.

Posters will be available to view online beginning November 1.

Facilitator: Leslie Anderson
Presider: Cecelia Samuels

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Conference Session