125: Workshop: Ask the Editors: Tips For Publishing in NCFR Journals

Mark A. Fine, Ph.D., Editor; Wendy Middlemiss; Liana Sayer; Lauren Eaton-Spencer; Kimberly Mosley; Thuy Dang; Layne Amerikaner; Robyn Moore; Savannah Bayer
03:15 PM
04:30 PM
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About the Session
This How to Workshop will explain the process of publishing in NCFR Journals.

Presenters: Mark A. Fine, Ph.D., Journal of Family Theory & Review Editor; Wendy Middlemiss, Ph.D., Family Relations Editor; Liana C. Sayer, Ph.D., Journal of Marriage and Family Editor; Savannah Beyer, Editorial Assistant, Journal of Family Theory & Review; Lauren Eaton, Kimberly Mosley, and Thuy Dang, Editorial Assistants, Family Relations; Layne Amerikaner, Robyn Moore, Editorial Assistants, Journal of Marriage and Family

Moderator/Facilitator: Mark A. Fine
Presider: Layne Amerikaner
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