209: Examining Sibling Relationships From a Strength-Based Perspective

Nicole Campione-Barr; Sarah A. Killoren
10:00 AM
11:15 AM
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Research & Theory
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Symposium contains a presentation and discussion by 3-4 experts on a particular topic. A discussant integrates and summarizes the papers, develops implications for policy and practice from the research, and facilitates audience discussion.

Papers listed below are included in this session.

Discussant: Nicole Campione-Barr
Chair: Sarah E. Killoren


Sibling relationships are one of longest lasting relationships an individual will experience, and the majority of individuals in North America have a brother or sister. Despite the long-standing and ubiquitous nature of the sibling relationship, family scholars have overlooked sibling relationships relative to other close relationships, including couple relationships and parent-child relationships. The goal of our symposium is to present four papers that examine the role of siblings in adolescents’ and young adults’ lives from a strengths-based perspective.


  • To investigate sibling relationships from a strengths-based perspective.
  • To explore the role of sibling relationship quality as a predictor, moderator, and outcome.
  • To examine sibling influence on diverse types of individual adjustment.

Subject Codes: family relations, well-being, ethnicity
Population Codes: siblings, Hispanic/Latina/o/x, emerging/young adulthood
Method and Approach Codes: regression: linear (simple, multiple, hierarchical), path analysis, structural equation modeling (SEM)

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