215: Leveraging Resources and Expertise: Seeking CFLE Approved Program Status Collaboratively

Roxanne Atterholt; Amber Seidel; Robin G. Yaure; Maureen Ittig; Lauren Jacobson

01:30 PM
02:45 PM
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About the Session

Interactive Workshops focus on the co-creation of new knowledge and skills in real time with lively interaction between the presenters and audience.

Workshop Leaders: Roxanne Atterholt, Amber Seidel, Robin G. Yaure, Maureen Ittig, Lauren Jacobson

 In the increasingly competitive market of higher education for HDFS programs, offering the Certified Family Life Education (CFLE) program creates an opportunity to strengthen recruitment and retention opportunities as well as enhance the professional portfolios of students. Led by members of the newly formed Penn State CFLE Multi-Campus Consortium, this interactive workshop will discuss a systematic process to secure program approval across six campuses. We will share the benefits of collaboration including shared materials, digital course offerings, assessment activities, marketing strategies, and the leveraging of faculty expertise and financial resources. We invite those seeking to establish or enhance an individual or collaborative program to join in the discussion. Participants will be offered a toolkit of materials, activities, and techniques for intradepartmental collaborations, and university system programing seeking to build curricula toward CFLE.


  • To identify steps and timeline needed to secure the ability to offer CLFE credential at their institution.
  • To consider syllabi analysis for existing courses and required content for achieving approval for CFLE credential.
  • To examine toolkit provided as a method for completing the CFLE credentialing process at their institution.  

Subject Codes: education, andragogy, family functioning
Population Codes: Family Life Education, undergraduate students, administrators
Method and Approach Codes: Family Life Education, administrative, program development

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