216: Parenting and Parent-Child Relationships During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ali Crandall; Jeremy Yorgason; Tracey LaPierre
01:30 PM
02:45 PM
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Families & Health
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About the Session

Symposium contains a presentation and discussion by 3-4 experts on a particular topic. A discussant integrates and summarizes the papers, develops implications for policy and practice from the research, and facilitates audience discussion. 

Papers listed below are included in this session.

Discussant: Ali Crandall
Session Co-Chairs: Jeremy Yorgason and Tracey LaPierre 


The first paper investigates the experiences of women who were pregnant and gave birth during the pandemic, drawing on data collected during pregnancy and after birth, and focusing on risk and resilience related to maternal depression. The second paper focuses on mothers of infants, using longitudinal data to connect pre-pandemic, postpartum-mother-infant bonding, with substance use behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The third paper examines the associations during the pandemic, between parent-child relationship quality, stress, daily life challenges, and support; using data from two different samples of parents of children ages 3-12. The fourth paper focuses on the experiences of Latinx immigrant parents in a rural community. The Discussant is an expert on the impact of childhood experiences, and connections between family relationships and health. Collectively, these papers and their discussion broaden our understanding of the risk and protective factors that influenced family relationships and well-being of parents during the pandemic.


  • After attending this session, participants will be able to describe a variety of risk and protective factors that influenced family relationships and parental well-being during the pandemic.
  • After attending this session, participants will be able to compare and contrast the impact of COVID-19 on the experiences and well-being of parents with children at different ages/stages of development.
  • After attending this session, participants will better understand the support needs of parents with minor children and how policy and practice changes could address these needs.

Subject Codes: COVID-19, resilience, parent-child relationships
Population Codes: low income, diverse but not representative, Hispanic/Latina/o/x
Method and Approach Codes: mixed-methodology, longitudinal research, strength-based

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