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List of 2022 Recorded Sessions

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Session 104
TCRM Special Session
Critical Approaches to Masculinities in Families
Made possible by the Theory Construction and Research Methodology Workshop
Session 115
Invited Presenter Symposium
Understanding Child and Family Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States and South Korea Contexts
Made possible by the International Section
Session 134
Invited Presenter Symposium
Don’t be Humble! How to Authentically Promote Your Work and Yourself
Made possible by the Students and New Professionals Group
Session 135
Opening Plenary: How Stories Build Lives
Presented by Kao Kalia Yang, MFA
Session 136
Special Session
Creating Culturally Appropriate Healthy Relationship Interventions in Tribal Communities: Centering Indigenous Voices and Wisdom
Made possible by the Family and Community Education, Advancing Family Science, Family Policy, and Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families Sections
Session 205
Invited Presenter Session
Family Science Careers Through the Eyes of Theory
Made possible by the Advancing Family Science Section
Session 213
Thursday Plenary: Surviving "Murder Town USA": Coping With Homicide, Structural Violence, and Activism in a Small Urban Black City
Presented by Yasser Arafat Payne, Ph.D
Session 225
Invited Presenter Session
The Science of Family Systems Theory
Made possible by the Family Therapy Section
Session 233
Special Session
Introducing Innovative Therapeutic Practices Into an Education Program For High Conflict Divorcing and Separating Parents: Demonstrating Techniques, Evaluating Effectiveness, and Identifying Implications For the Field
Made possible by the Family Policy, Family and Community Education, and Family Therapy Sections
Session 305
Special Session
Family Health, Resilience, and Functioning: A Conceptual Model of Family Flourishing
Made possible by the Families and Health Section
Session 315
Friday Plenary: Bringing Racism out of the Shadows in Family Science
Presented by Deadric Williams, Ph.D.
Session 325
Special Session
When Research Harms: Who Does Theory Forget?
Made possible by the Religion, Spirituality, and Families, Family Policy, Research and Theory, and Feminism and Family Science Sections
Session 336
Invited Presenter Symposium
Family Science Theory in Action: How to Strengthen Theory-Driven Methods
Made possible by the Research and Theory Section
Session 401
Closing Plenary: Playing With Light: Making the Invisible Visible
Presented by Derek Peterson, M.Ed.
Session 403
Invited Presenter Symposium
How Latino Voices Are Transforming Practitioners, Programs, and Research Agendas
Made possible by the Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families Section


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