009A: Theory Construction and Research Methodology (TCRM) Methods Workshop 2 - Incorporating Sleep, Actigraphy, and Heart Rate Variability Into Family Science

Luke T. Russell; Christine A. Anangwe; Olivia Heinzeroth; Meara Schaefer; Claire Farnsworth
12:30 PM
3:30 PM
Conrad A
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Conference Attendance Hours: 3

This workshop will provide an introduction to how (and why) family scientists could better incorporate the use of actigraphy and heart rate variability into the study of interpersonal and family relationships. Specifically, we will provide a brief overview of emerging evidence that sleep quality, engagement in active (and sedentary) behavior, and heart rate variability are associated with various interpersonal and family processes. We will then provide a hands-on with exemplar equipment and software used to capture these constructs. Discussion of practical challenges, limitations, and trade-offs across devices and ways of assessing these constructs will occur throughout the session.

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