011: PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP: Broader Impacts Bootcamp: Translating Your Research For Social Change

Amber Vennum; J. Kale Monk; Tyler Jamison; Jeremy B. Kanter; Denzel Jones; Loren Taylor
1:00 PM
5:00 PM
Marquette VIII
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  • Research
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  • Family and Community Education
  • Family Policy
  • Family Therapy

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Conference Attendance Hours: 3.5

Made Possible by the Family and Community Education, Family Policy, and Family Therapy Sections

Relevate is a community of relationship scholars, educators, and practitioners who have worked over the last 9 years to develop strategies for bridging the gap between public opinion and scientific consensus. Relevate was created in response to widespread calls for increased public access to trustworthy, evidence-based information about issues that affect people’s daily lives. In this preconference workshop, we welcome our colleagues to engage in a practical, hands-on session designed to build attendees' knowledge and confidence with a range of effective tools for translating science and engaging with communities on issues about which they care (i.e., public scholarship). Specifically, this workshop will include: (1) information on the theories and spectrum of public scholarship; (2) specific examples of how public scholarship can be integrated into teaching, research, and practice; (3) steps for creating effective science communication messaging; (4) steps for creating effective science communication messaging; (5) strategies for tailoring public scholarship efforts to specific audiences; and (6) how to use the newly redesigned MyRelevate website (www.myrelevate.com) to organize, disseminate, and track public scholarship efforts. Attendees will receive coaching in small groups as they use this information to practice (a) integrating public scholarship into their current roles, projects, and passions, (b) translate their knowledge into effective science communication messaging through a variety of formats, (c) and develop a personalized public engagement plan that outlines their audience, intended outcomes, and indicated specific public scholarship activities.


  • Identify specific ways to use public scholarship to broaden the impact of their current roles, projects, and passions.
  • Use science communication best practices to write specific talking points in their expertise area for use in a variety of formats and settings.
  • Create a plan for enhancing their public engagement that matches target audiences with specific public scholarship strategies to maximize outcomes.
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