104: SPECIAL SESSION - Critical Approaches to Masculinities in Families, Part 1

Kevin Roy; Samuel H. Allen; Jenifer K. McGuire; Kevin Shafer; Kari Adamsons
8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Salon D
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Special Session
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  • Research
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Since the 1970s, father involvement research has transformed our understanding and conceptualization of men’s roles in families. Many fatherhood scholars have found professional homes at NCFR, and specifically in the Men in Families focus group. However, much of this research is rooted in assumptions about sex role identity (Roy & Allen, 2022), including a cisnormative and binary assumptions about gender and essentialist notions of masculinity and femininity. In recent years, a critical gender paradigm has also emerged, a paradigm that challenges such assumptions and offers new ways of understanding men in families, and families more broadly. Feminist scholars who have been at the forefront of some of the most innovative theorizing on gender and families have also found professional homes at NCFR, and specifically in the Feminism and Family Science section.

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